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Are people with HIV/AIDS suffering from Discrimination? HIV/AIDS is thriving now more so than ever.

In fact, the World Health rgani!ation reported that "#$ million people

around the world had HIV in %&'&" ()unice Shriver*. Individuals with HIV can +e ,udged +the societ- in man- wa-s. the-/re various activities, +ecause most views of HIV. 0hough societ- has that man- people are suffering ignorant to the facts which leads +rave people +attling the serious

often re,ected +- others from people are misguided +- the grown accustomed to the idea from HIV/AIDS, man- are still to discrimination against the s-mptoms of the virus.

Discrimination Against 1eople With HIV in the Wor2 1lace 1eople that have the disease +attle discrimination +ecause of their condition in various areas of life. common places is at the wor2place. ne of the most

ne we+ article gives an

e3ample of this. It tells the stor- of Afanas-ev, a pilot and aircraft commander for man- different air carriers. "Sergei started wor2ing for Aeroflot as a pilot of 0u4'5$. When Sergei started suffering from sore throat, he was hospitali!ed in the medical center of the carrier. His +lood samples returned sad results6 the man was diagnosed with HIV. 0he +ad medical news led to another +ig pro+lem6 the man was fired7 (8senia

+ra!tsova*. Another we+ article gives another similar e3ample. It tells of a man who wor2ed a finance ,o+ at a car dealership

in 9ew :or2. After finding out their emplo-ee was HIV41ositive, he states that he was fired ;uic2l- and without warning (8im Sussanne*. <effer- Villacampa, the victim of this heinous act, had +een wor2ing in the auto industr- +usiness for %& -ears. He started at the dealership one -ear +efore the incident. 0wo of the emplo-ees 2new of his disease, and had no pro+lem with the fact. When his +oss learned he was HIV41ositive, he fired him immediatel-. Villacampa was ver- upset and wanted ,ustice. He filed a lawsuit, and sued his +oss for $ million dollars. =anagers aren>t even safe from discrimination if their HIV4 1ositive. ?hristopher 1ena, former HIV41ositve manager of man@urger 8ing Aestaurants in Virginia, had seven -ears e3perience in his field. After sharing his health status with his supervisor, he found himself fired three months later. ?hristopher claims that he shared this with his supervisor when he ta2es off from

+ecause he wanted their support, and wor2 for treatment, the-

will understand. He was fired for

poor wor2 performance, +ut he claim he was never disciplined for actions +efore he shared with his supervisor HIV41ositive. +ecause he or that he was

"It is illegal to discriminate against someone she is HIV4positive. Its also illegal to

discriminate against someone due to a rumor that he or she is HIV4positive. 0he law applies to all government emplo-ers as well as private +usinesses with '5 emplo-ees or more7 ()lise

Bole-*. Is it possi+le to get HIV from ever-da- Interactions? Some researcher/s claim that it is indeed possi+le to get the HIV/AIDS from ever-da- interactions. In fact, "the-/re #$ states and two C.S territories that e3plicitl- criminali!e HIV e3posure through +odil- fluids. )3posure does not mean transmission, so a person with HIV in those areas can +e imprisoned for un2nowingl- e3posing another person to HIV, even when that other person did not contract the virus7 (8en-on Barrow*. 0his is one of the reasons people choose to discriminate against people with the disease, the- do not want to +e around them or act as if having the disease means -ou shouldn/t +e allowed to wal2 in the presence of normal people. Discrimination is the main o+stacle +ecause alongside the challenges faced with +eing HIV41ositive, 1re4e3isting discrimination that e3ists with se3ualit-, gender, race, and povert- all come into pla-. Discrimination against people with HIV happens too often ever- where around the world. Discrimination Against 1eople With HIV in School 1eople with HIV are not onldiscriminated =ilton was in their School

wor2place, +ut also school. In %&&D, denied a '#4-ear4old +o- +ecause +elieved it was he


HIV4 positive. 0heto protect the

the right thing to do

safet- and health of ',E5& students that attend the school. "0he


is simple. We are serving children, and no child can +e

assumed to alwa-s ma2e responsi+le decisions that protect the well +eing of others" (=c9amara*. 0he '#4-ear4old said6 FI don>t see the direct threat, in m- home we respect what m- mother tells us to do. We come straight home from school, do homewor2, chores and do things as =ilton Hersheschool a familunit. Isn>t that what

is supposed to +e a+out, +ut with a not?G7 ()ric*.

great educational environment? I guess Bederal and State Haws

prohi+it discrimination on the +asis

of a disa+ilit-, including having HIV. In addition to that situation, another victim A-an White also was e3pelled from his school after +eing diagnosed with HIV. He was a teenager that got HIV from a +lood transfusion +ecause he had Hemophilia. he was ,ust '#4-ears4old. Doctors said he posed no ris2 to other students at the school, +ut at the time, HIV was poorl- understood. White tried to return +ac2 to school after his treatment, +ut when he got there, teachers and parents rallied against his attendance. 1arents of %D other children at the school too2 them home, fearful that the- might contract the deadl- disease. White won a court +attle and was a+le to return +ac2 e3perienced so to the school, +ut his famil-

much intimidation and harassment, the- decided

to move and send him to another school where he +ecame an honor roll student. Discrimination Against 1eople With HIV Sociall-

=ost discrimination comes from famil- and friends. =- famil- has a friend who we +elieve has HIV. 0irell has +een a friend of the famil- for a ver- long time, and he never admitted to us that he was interested in +o-s, +ut we assume that he is +ecause he acts feminine, Hatel-, and 0irell he has never +een +rought loo2ing around veransic2, girlfriends. he has lost

a tremendous amount of weight, and he does not eat. )ver- time we as2 him what has +een going on, he +rush it off and sa- he is doing fine. =- famil- has come to the conclusion that he is HIV4 1ositive. 0irell is pro+a+l- not sure how ever-one would react or if F%5I ever-one would support him through this process.

of people with HIV are uncomforta+le with telling their

friends and famil- a+out their disease +ecause people are often discriminated when the- have HIV. 0he- are called Fga-7 or FBaggot7 and people would treat them as if the-/re monsters7 (<osh 8ruger*. =- famil- is tr-ing to figure out a wa- to as2 0irell if he has the disease +ecause him, thewant to support thewill never ,udge

him through this process so that

he can sta- health-. 0he last thing ever-one wants is for him to pass awa- +ecause he thin2s we will ,udge him. It is verimportant to accept -our famil- if the- have HIV, the- are no different from an-one else. <ames White was a ga- student in

college, and he was HIV4 1ositive. When it started to get around the school that he had the disease, students loo2ed at him

differentl-, started to act funn- around him, and even wiped the door 2no+s that he touched (?urtis Wong*. <ames transferred to another school +ecause he couldn/t ta2e all of the things he was going through. FI/m ,ust as normal as ever-one else, I don/t pose a threat to no one, I never did an-thing wrong. All I want is m- education and to +e treated normal7 (<ames White*. Another friend of the famil- passed awa- from AIDS. She contracted the disease from her fiancJ. he was in ,ail for over '& -ears and died a few -ears after +eing released.

She discovered after his death that she was HIV41ositive. She decided not to tell an-one, +ecause she felt that people would loo2 at her in a different wa-. nce she got reall- sic2, rumors

started to spread a+out her having the disease, +ut she denied the facts +ecause +an-one. she did not want to +e discriminated

She eventuall- passed awa-, and did not have a

funeral +ecause she refused to want people to 2now the reason of her death. Her daughter finall- spo2e out a+out her mom/s situation. she said her mom was afraid to tell ever-+od- +ecause she 2new ever-one would ,udge her, and treat her differentl+ecause the societ- alwa-s ,udge people who have the disease, and don/t even 2now the true meaning of it. Ignorance is the main ingredient for discrimination. It doesn>t matter what setting discrimination ta2es place in, lac2 of 2nowledge regarding HIV is more than li2el- the main reason

the- were treated unfairl- in the first place. If societ- as a whole was more educated on the virus, people with it pro+a+lwould +e treated li2e people without it. 0he stories of the individuals mentioned previousl- proved that people with the virus are still facing discrimination in school, at wor2, and in their social lives. )ducating ever-one on the s-mptoms, dangers, and actual wa-s of getting the virus could go a long wa- in ultimatel- eliminating discrimination against the individuals that +attle the virus and challenges that come with it.

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