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Master of BusinessAdministration in HealthcareServices Management- Semester 3 MH0054 Finance, conomicsand Materials Management in HealthcareServices- 4!redits "Boo# $%& B'('5) Assignment"*0 mar#s)
Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Ea h question is followed by e!aluation s heme. "1. #hat are the different types of bud$ets% Explain the bud$etin$ pro ess for health are ser!i es.
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(Types of budgets- 2 marks, Explanation of budgeting process -8 marks) "&. Explain the on ept of demand and supply in health are.
'Explanation of concept of demand -5 marks, Explanation of concept of supply-5 marks) '0 mar#s

"(. )efine health insuran e. Explain the barriers in implementin$ a so ial health insuran e s heme in *ndia% '0 mar#s (Definition- 2 marks, Explanation of barriers -8 marks) "4. )is uss the appli ations of health e onomi s. ( isting t!e "arious applications-2 marks, Explanation -8 marks) "+. Explain the need and s ope of finan ial mana$ement in hospitals. (Explanation of need- 5 marks, Explanation of scope- 5 marks) ",. -ist the important health expert ommittees in *ndia. )is uss the ori$in and fun tions of these ommittees.
'0 mar#s '0 mar#s '0 mar#s

( isting t!e !ealt! expert committees-2 marks, Explanation of origin-# marks, Explanation of functions# marks)