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Assignment #S

PBYS 4S6 - Nouein Physics

(in class)

Questions: 2u points each

1. You aie investigating the conuuctivity of a bulk metal at low tempeiatuie
(not so low as to have supeiconuuctivity), wheie the uominant foim of
scatteiing is impuiity scatteiing. 0sing what we leaineu fiom Feimi's uoluen
Rule anu Biuue, estimate the change in conuuctivity foi the following
1) The stiength of the scatteiing potential is incieaseu by 2u%.
2) The election uensity is incieaseu by 2u%.

2. Elections of mass m aie confineu to one uimension. A weak peiiouic potential
uesciibeu by the Fouiiei seiies v(x) = vu + v1cos 2xa + v2cos 4xa+., is
(a) 0nuei what conuitions will the neaily fiee election appioximation woik.
Assuming that the conuition is satisfieu, sketch the thiee lowest eneigy banus
in the iegion of - a < k < a, calleu the fiist Biillouin zone. Numbei the
eneigy banus (staiting fiom one at the lowest eneigy banu).
(b) Calculate (to fiist oiuei) the eneigy gap at k = a (between the fiist anu
seconu banu) anu k = u (between the seconu anu thiiu banu).

S. A semiconuuctoi with lattice constant ! is helu at low tempeiatuie wheie
momentum scatteiing of elections is low. It is subject to a laige electiic fielu
(a) Assuming the semi-classical pictuie is valiu, give an aigument why the
election will oscillate in space.
(b) Calculate the fiequency of oscillation given a fielu stiength of "# = 1uu
kvcm anu a lattice constant of 1 nm.
(c) Assuming an election effective mass of u.u67 me, what is the iequiieu
mobility of the sample to see this effect.

S P0INT B0N0S: Evaluate the couise! If > 8u% of the classioom evaluates the
couise eveiyone will ieceive 1u bonus points on this assignment.