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Technology is theory and has no direct impact on the environment as it simply the tools we create to simplify tasks. Technological environmental impact lies in the methods we use to create the tools that is using non renewable energy sources to manufacturer the technology , what the technology is made of that is plastics or non gradable and with what material we produce and use technology that has an effect. The development of modern technology has got to some negative effects including: i. Air pollution Technology such as the invention of vehicles, air conditioning and other advanced gadgets has caused air pollution. Advancement of the things that require fossil fuels reduces the amount we have and if burned emits carbon dioxide into the air. The release of carbon dioxide and other green houses gases released in the air has hence caused global warming of the earth. Global warming Industrialization as a result of new technology mostly releases many gases to the environment as a result of pollution that is release of the harmful gases caused eroding of the ozone layer resulting to global warming. This has led to the destruction of the natural environment as the weather patterns have changed causing long periods of drought in the areas. Destruction of natural environment Natural resources , forests and aquifers have been greatly by the technology .advancement of other techniques has resulted to destruction of the natural environment example the use of fossil fuels has greatly led to getting rid of forests.



These has negative impacts on environment as the destruction of forests results to soil erosion, poor air, effect of weather patterns among the other factors. iv. Water pollution Western technology such as the invention of hydroelectricity and industrialization has negative impacts on the water. Because the poor management of hydroelectricity and poor handling of waste products of industries which are released to the water bodies has cause pollution to lakes and rivers. Oil and other wastes pollute underground water and even kill aquatic animals.


Soil pollution Is another technological factor that has caused negative environmental impacts? The liquid wastes from the industries are usually not properly disposed causing deadly chemicals to leach into the ground which might cause poor productivity in agriculture.


Solid wastes The production of the non degradable and non recyclable solid wastes by the factories has also caused a big threat to the environment. As they are deposited to the land where people leave causing even bad smells and a big risks to the health of the people around there.


Introduction of western technology has remarkable causes impact in family structure, dynamics and even the health of individuals. Though technology has positive impacts on family it has also a number of negative effects including:


Health detoriatiation Due to introduction of some technology there has resulted to global warming which has negative effects to individuals .Air pollution has resulted to breathing problems to individuals. Constant looking at devices causes eye strain resulting to headache, blurred images and migraines. Use of certain machines in factories has also caused lose of certain parts of the human body example lose of limbs. Child labor. Industrialization as a result of western technology has a great impact on the poor families. Due to this the children from poor families are forced to work for the different factories and industries in order to provide a living for their families. This is child labor as they work at a very young age. Separation of families Since the western technologies were mostly based on the urban centers as a result many families resorted to the urban areas to seek job opportunities to raise the children.



The rural urban migration caused the families to separate as for example the father had to leave his rural home to go to towns to get employment leaving the rest of the family. IV. Obesity The use of vehicles for transport has also caused negative effects to the various families. Most people use vehicles to move around even on the short distances. Due to this individuals do not walk or even participate in exercise to their bodies causing obesity even to the young children. Because of this people become less active and are faced with the danger of some health problems related to obesity example high blood pressure. Poor school performance The use of western technology example computers cell phones has also greatly contributed to the poor performance of students in schools. Since most of the children are glued to checking on the screens of computers and cell phones they find it hard to concentrate and most of them loose interest in reading of the books hence performing poorly in their studies. Loss of quality time As a result of technology most families spend their time on the technologies example watching television. Due to his families dont spend time together but are rather occupied or disturbed by the constant phone use causing the feeling of distress among children as they have to compete for their parents attention, time and focus. Lack of empathy The constant streams of violent scenes of video games, television, movies among others causes people to become desensitized to destruction of any kind. The normalizing of bad things happening




and the culture of narcissism causes people to lack empathy hence the loss of meaning of family of caring and nurturance to its family members.


Developmental issues in children Children using technology know more than in the past. All the negative effects of the technology affect mostly the developing mind of young children. This may lead to more reliance on the western technology as opposed to coming up with their own ideas and creativity hence the loss of the indigenous creations. Unemployment Due to the rural urban migration many people have resorted for employment there where people work on the factories and industries. Since the demand of workers is low than the jobs a less it has resulted to individuals being jobless. This affects the family as they are unable to provide for even the basic needs increasing the crime rates in the urban areas. Higher energy consumption Although individuals devices are becoming more energy efficient the increased overall use is causing higher consumption of energy. People dont turn their devices off they keep computers and television plugged in mobile devices charging. Causing an overall higher energy consumption which is an added expense to the family spending.




Of all the effects caused by the technology the community has also faced several challenges of the event of its application in the peoples daily lives. There are many effects of this but the negative ones have led to the breakdown of the past uniformity and togetherness of the past communities. Among the negative impacts of the technology to the communities include: a. Loss of the culture The western technology was well suited to the parts of its territory and its introduction to different countries disturbed the normal operations of the people. Ii the past the people were used to community sharing of lands and even on the communal works. Due to the technology people depend on their own but not on the community as everybody is based on his or her own place. b. Lack of social skills. The use of online social media outlets example computers which are one of the western technologies causes less frequency of face to face communication or interaction. This has resulted to the lack of the much needed social skills for an individual to interact and relate to different people in the society. Causing the young to lack the general respect to the elderly to the community. c. Lack of social boundaries The much sharing on the social media sites is increasingly tendency to cross social boundaries. The exchange of some information has led to disrespect of the parents and the disregard of the old in the communities as they are left out by the society to look after themselves.

d. Lack of social bounds Lasting relationships bonds requires face to face interactions. The more people use technology the fewer the bonds we will form. People are expected to do more work which take away the time they would have spent with the rest of the community members. e. Individualism This is another effect of the western technology to the community. The capitalism market introduced where one earns for the family through employment has greatly affected the togetherness of the societies. Due to his people no longer have caring and sharing of the community but everyone depends on their own without being mindful of the others welfare. f. Decline of traditional industries Introduction of a more advanced technology from the western has led to the disregard of the local industries in the communities as most of them see them as xo much lagging behind. This has caused the loose of the initial creativity and innovativeness of the people. Due to such the countries hence continue depending on the west instead of coming up with own technologies hence causing the community To continue being undeveloped.


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Western technology has led to many impacts to the different countries who import the technology. The inventions of different techniques and tools have so much changed the way of living of individuals. Though it has led to many developments and the cause of improvements of the peoples lives. However it has also contributed to negative effects to the environment, families and even the community as are whole.

Generally the western technology is advantageous if adopted as it will help in the development needs of the countries especially on the developing countries. However there is need for them to research on the effects of the technology on the families, community and the environment before adopting on any technology.