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Chapter 1 The Problem and the Background

Watching television is one of the favourite past times of many people in this world, especially the children. Watching their favourite television shows sometimes makes them happy. Some children watched television because they wanted to be happy but to some children, they watched television because they are addicted to a specific television show. Many researchers have done extensive research in the area of how television shows/programs could influence the behaviour of many people especially at young age. Theyve found that television shows could really influence the behaviour of the children & that behaviour could be aggressive & hostile because there are much violence that can be watched in a television shows.

Children also learn by watching Television shows. There are many advantages and disadvantages by just watching Television shows, & one advantage is, children can learn something by watching Television shows. What children learn depends on what they watch. Not all television shows are bad; some television shows are educational & fun-learning. For example is the show Blues Clues, this program is very educational to all children ages 4-7 years old. Even adults watch also children television show so they can guide their children. But of course, the disadvantage is too much children programming can lead to learning violence, aggressiveness & hostility. Sadly, the childrens favourite television shows like cartoons are the most violent in television programming. If children continue to watch these cartoons in the future, theres a big possibility