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Mr Farr Jessica Nally

My target audience for the trailer will be aimed at ages 15-24, I chose this age due to the fact I think the ideas which I have for the trailer will be more suitable for people within this age group. They are more likely to be interested in the genre and way the movie will be set out this will allow me to concentrate making sure that things within the trailer will attract 16-24 year olds instead of me making it suitable for all ages. The age group will also be used within my trailer, this will indicate the young, urban, teenage group of people varied throughout my trailer, allowing me to portray the age group chosen within my trailer as well as the audience of it. The audience wont be directed at a specific gender, therefore it will fit both men and womens interests although it will be the genre of the film which decide whether the specific gender of someone enjoys the film or not. The target audience will be strong point to my film as if it doesnt fit the needs of interest in my specific target audience it may not attract any ages. Although ages 15-24 is my primary target audience, ages 25-35 are my secondary audience also, this is so that there is a range of ages which may be attracted to my film even if the specific primary audience arent attracted to the audience then the film will contain interest from the secondary audience also. Secondary audience normally have similar interests as the ages 15-24 when looking at films, as they enjoy the plots and are very popular films from both age groups. This will allow me to have a wide range of ideas to fit both set of target audiences.

Target audience

The film which will be suitable for my target audience will also be suitable for ages 15 in the cinema this is because of my target audience starting from around this age as well as the things which may be include in the scenes wont be appropriate for ages younger. Although, my film may not include any violence, inappropriate language etc, I still would chose this age group as it is closest age group to my target audience allowing the audience to understand what the film may or may be involved. My socioeconomic group will be C2DE, this is because of my age group they will be in similar class groups such as education, apprenticeships and lower class jobs. Although my secondary target audience will be a higher class socioeconomic group this will include higher jobs and full time pay in comparison to the part time jobs which C2DE socioeconomic group that the majority of primary target audience will be in. The groups will be directed at urban, youth teenagers it will allow the younger aged kids be portrayed more as rebels as well as older group adults/kids see the way the younger generation are portrayed along with the groups/divide there is in the stereotypical society.

Demographics and Psychographics


Questionnaire Results
What gender are you?
Male Female

How old are you?

16-24 25-35


27% 73%


The questionnaire results show that more females answered my questionnaire to the men, although it was only a few more females it allowed me to see their view of the different type of films genres and ways which its advertised.

I only asked ages which were my primary and secondary target audience, this gave me a wide range of results to the specific age groups. My primary audience were 16-24 and that's the bigger group which were asked.

Whets your favourite genre of film?

Teen Drama Romance Social Realism Comedy Other 11%
24% 9% The question asking which genre they prefer included multiple choice of different film type, the most popular was social realism along with comedy. I gathered this information from my target audience age groups allowing me to know which genre would be more suitable for them.

What is the certificate of films you watch most?

U PG 12A 15 18 13% 13% 7% 47% 20%

8% 21%

Knowing the certificate of the film shows me the different type of films they enjoy to watch. If The film was certificated an age 18 I would understand what things to include and not to include for ages 16 above, although if it U or PG was more popular then there wouldnt be any things which I couldnt include. My results show me that certificated films of 15 are the most popular, this fits into my primary audience as well as secondary.

Do you go the cinema regularly?

Yes 17% 83% No

Where do you usually see trailers advertised?

Billboards Youtube Posters Cinema Social Networks

14% 34%

The results showed that majority of my results go to the cinema quiet often, this allows me to understand places to advertise my trailer as well as putting my film into the cinemas, if it would be a popular viewing.


The question about where you mainly see trailers showed that billboards was the most popular place, this will allow me to understand what advertisement I will need to focus on and what attracts my audience. YouTube was second most popular which tells me that people search the trailer video online allowing them to see the films trailer.

How long would you want a trailer to be?

1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds 1 minute 31 seconds to 2 minutes 2 minutes plus 20% 20% 60%

how much of the plot would you like to be shown in the trailer?
A lot Not a lot 13% 87%

The trailer shouldnt be too long, as my question allows my audience to decide how long it should be, between 1 minute 30 seconds and 2 minutes was the most popular time. This shows that they would like the trailer to not be to short so you dont know what's involved in the film although not too long that we know the whole plot.

From the previous question, knowing that they would like an average time trailer this will allow the whole plot not to be revealed. Along with answering whether they would like to know the main parts and twists involved in the film but they would rather not a lot of the plot revealed therefore it wont ruin the film.

Do you pay for online films or subscription services?

Yes No

If yes which one?

Nowtv LoveFilm 11% 26% 20% Netflix Other

30% 70%

43% As most of my results showed that my target audience are signed onto the film websites, I found out which ones are more popular. Netflix and NowTV were most chosen which will allow me to know the sites that I should include my film on.

Knowing whether my audience watches films and signs up for the online film subscriptions will allow me to include my film onto the websites as well as advertising it on there.

Suitable and Non-Suitable Genres

Thriller Musical Western Crime Social Realism Romance

Non-Suitable Genre
Dance Sci-Fi Horror Drama

Suitable Genre
Teen Coming-of-age

Plot 1

From the beginning of Hayleys life, her experiences through school, social and home environments were a struggle to cope with alone, she was left to look after her younger siblings along with trying to protect her mom from her abusive dad. The story allows us to see the young child face the different events she has to turn too to try and escape the decisions she is forced to make. Hayley was always the girl in the class who never spoke out or made any attention towards her work, as much as she enjoyed school she refused to show it, although Jason noticed Hayley when he moved to the house next door. She introduced herself by welcoming the family with a box of cupcakes and offered to help them move in, the family were very fond of the way Hayley came across and kept trying to get Jason to be her friend. Jason was very shy although at school when put into the same classes as her he had no choice but to talk to her, they started off with little conversation but it progressively got into more of a friendship; Jason secretly had a crush on Hayley which she was oblivious too. Jason was Hayleys escape from the struggles she had been through with her family and little friends which she had, Hayley grew stronger feelings towards Jason as so did he but they were never revealed. Jason beneath the smiles and happy family also had a secret as well as Hayley family problems which she would never talk about to Jason or anyone, they only had each other although the secrets which they kept from each other were hurting them both without them knowing. Jason invited Hayley over for dinner as well as her family; Hayley was too embarrassed to give reason to why her mom and dad couldnt be in the same room let alone together with strangers as well so she came alone. Jason took her upstairs after and revealed the habit which he had been addicted to since he was 13, this took over Jasons life and controlled the way he felt and thought although he didnt feel the same since he met Hayley which is why he felt as if he had to reveal it to her. The secrets came out but Jason and Hayley dealt with each others problems together, they form a plan and decide to escape the city they live in as well as making sure each others problems are sorted before leaving it all behind. Characters:
Izetan Tomorrow: -teenage girl alone, facing problems as well as not being noticed -Hayley makes a dramatic change to gain attention and turns into a rebel -Parents, school friends and especially her step father are aware but only step father stands forward to stop her -Hayley and her step father disagree, the situation doesnt end nicely. Vladimir Propp: -Hero: Hayley -Villain: Step Father Non-diegetic sounds: Location: -Donor: Mother -Dispatcher/Helper: Hayley's crush The different scenes will be around her -Voice over -Her father: Hayley's dad neighbourhood (school, house, park) to -Soundtrack Levi Strauss: allow the audience see the way Hayley -Love/Hate lives and socialises, it will give you the -Anger/Happiness -Villain/Hero outlook of her existence from everyone and how she started off as the girl no one noticed. Hayley: Holly Hanley Jason: Sean Mcgrandles Hayleys mom: Lucy Milner Hayleys dad: Chris Trouth Jasons Mom: Kim Greenfield Jasons Dad: George Lowe Costumes: The costume will be basic normal clothes which allow the audience to see the every day wear which Hayley doesnt make much effort with. The people around her will be dressed in nicer and more expensive clothes than her to make an effort with their appearance although Hayley feels like she doesnt need too.

Plot 2 Hollys relationship between her mom seemed normal towards her but little did she know that the way she was treated wasnt ho w a young girl should
feel or be put in the position of having to look after herself from the age of 6, she struggled to keep up with the new style and new technology which her friends at school had so she was laughed at when she had last years trainers. Her mom showed little attention towa rds holly and wouldnt make any time to spend with her helping her school work or even cooking her dinner. Holly felt as if she had to grow up 10 years faster than her friends having a lot of responsibility and depending on herself. Her drunken, drugged up mother wouldnt care about what her daughter thought of her and would comment on how she provides a roof over her head, what more does she need this dramatic and heartbreaking so cial realism film shows the truth that younger troubled children are facing when their parents pay no attention towards their life. You are able to see how holly is left alone when her friends are able to go out and have fun she wont have any money or food to take with her, although when her mom is in the pub trying to find a new man to bring back every night she finally finds the man she thinks is the one Harvey meets the younger girl by surprise and is confused to why Holly had never mentioned having a child before, he acts shocked although reveals how he loves younger children. Holly and Tony create a friendship which her mom is jealous by and tries to stop them from even saying hello, Tony picks up on the little comments and actions that Karen does towards holly but questions holly and not Karen, although holly reveals all and tony is disgusted. The truth affects Tonys feelings and makes the relationship between him and Karen broken and he stays to protect holly as well as finding a way to get her out the house. The events of how Karen is towards holly and the way the relationships break are heartbreaking and show the difference between the way relationships are formed and resulted to leaving Karen alone.

Izetan Todorov: -young girl facing abuse alone -mom finds new man and develops a relationship -The moms new boyfriend realises what is going on -Moms new boyfriend helps the young girl escape the house Vladimir Propp: -Hero: Holly Non-diegetic sounds: Location: -Villain: Mother Holly will be mainly at school or in her -Voice over -Dispatcher/Helper: Step Father room, she wont go out as she is very shy -Soundtrack -Her father: Step Father and awkward to talk to. This is because Levi Strauss: lack of communication between her and Love/Hate her mother as well as being scared. Hollys Happiness/Anger Violence/Gentle mom will be featured socialising with men a lot as well as being at the pub.

Characters: Holly: Becky Mcneil Tony: Steven (Year 13) Karen: Emily Cook Hollys friends: Sophia, Ellie, Zoe Costumes: Appearance of Holly will be worn down clothes, lack of care on hair/skin/nails, her mom will be wearing nicer clean new clothes and will also have better living materials to Holly. Holly will have struggle cleaning her clothes as she supplies for her self.

Plot 3

Jamal grows up surrounded by his friends being in the coolest and scariest gangs, although he enjoys school life he puts on an act to which his friends will agree and respect. He struggles to face the decisions he is made when in fights and other crimes, but when at school Jamal finds himself not finding the girls attractive, and being interested in the way his male friends and peers look. He refuses to believe anything he thinks and distracts his mind to the school work and socialising with his friends around the streets. The life he lives is confusing Jamal and you are able to see the way he puts off the relationship with any female even when they try to be interested in him, his friends dont pick up on the lack of conversation he talks about girls and are oblivious to the other life Jamal lives and wishes to carry on with. When Jamal is caught talking to the little white boy in the year his friends question w hat he is playing at which he then defends himself by saying he was asking for the homework, Jamal secretly talks to Nicholas and meeting him to talk about previous lessons after school. This goes on until the end of the year to which Jamal finds himself developing feelings towards Nicholas which he is unknown about, he doesnt let anyone know especially not his friends. Although Jamal tries to escape the gang and group of friends he is currently in to try and complete the education to which he can then go onto being in the world of work, his friends slowly realise that Jamal is disappearing, so they go round his house and see through the window that Nicholas is round, they kick down the door to question what is going on. Jamal covers up the fact they are there to introduce him to his parents but then admits to himself that he is gay, this confuses Jamal and he doesnt know what to do so stops talking to Nicholas to try and block any feelings from appearing but its too late for Jamal to go back to being the straight black boy which he thought he was.
Izetan Todorov: -young girl facing abuse alone -mom finds new man and develops a relationship -The moms new boyfriend realises what is going on -Moms new boyfriend helps the young girl escape the house Vladimir Propp: -Hero: Holly -Villain: Mother -Dispatcher/Helper: Step Father -Her father: Step Father Levi Strauss: Love/Hate Happiness/Anger Violence/Gentle