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ACKNOWLEGDMENT OF DEBT Between (the Debtor) And (the Creditor)

It is agreed as follows between the debtor and the Creditor that:

1. After the sale of her business premises in Ranaka Village, in the Ngwaketsi istri!t that """"""""""herein referred to as debtor shall pa# to the """"""""""""""""""" an amount totaling P64, 924 !" being her full and total amount of indebtedness to the !reditor """""""""""""""""

$. %he settlement of the debt howe&er is not !onditional on the sale of the abo&e mentioned propert#.

'. %hat su!h performan!e will be b# the '(th (f )!tober $((*.

+. %hat the instant agreement is binding on the parties and the debtor shall, parti!ularl#, be liable for suit if she defaults or fails to !ompl# with the instant undertaking.

,. %hat the instant agreement is legall# binding on the parties hereto and full# e-presses their free and wilful agreement.

T#$% DONE AND %&GNED AT GABO'ONE T#&% (((((( DA) OF A$G$%T 2**9 &N T#E P'E%ENCE OF T#E $NDE'%&GNED W&TNE%%E%%+

A% W&TNE%%+

1. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

$. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" C'ED&TO'

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" DEBTO'


I, the undersigned, Sediegeng, Gosego Tshekiso (nee Mokone), hereinafter referred to as the debtor, do hereby acknowledge my indebtedness to Onkarabile K Mokone, hereinafter referred to as the creditor, in the sum of !"""#""# I do hereby undertake to make full $ayment of the same on or before the%%%%%%%day of%%%%%%% Thus done and signed by me, Sediegeng Gosego Tshekiso(nee Mokone) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &ebtor

'itness ! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

'itness (%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%