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Thomas Truax & Sarah Angliss

Transceiver double-bill
MS Stubnitz, London Thursday 4th April !"#

Two musicians present a melodic, and decidedly human take on machine-made music, playing with the support of performing robots and strange. made-up instruments as part of the Transceiver Series on board visiting culture ship MS Stubnitz.

Straight outta Wowtown via ew !ork "ity, Thomas Trua# and his $band$ of bizarre self-made instruments and mechanical contraptions %oins us for the first date of their &' tour. More than %ust a vaudevillian inventor and entertainer, Trua# crafts a potent song ( poetic, evocative and rich with melancholy. Some of his human supporters and collaborators include )arvis "ocker, *manda +almer and ,rian -iglione .The /resden /olls0, and the author Terry +ratchett. 1e upped his profile recently with highly rated covers album 2Songs 3rom The 3ilms 4f /avid 5ynch2. *lready this year Thomas has turned down an invitation to perform on 2*merica2s 6ot Talent2 and accepted another to score a ma%or new stage production of 2+eer 6ynt2 to be staged in 6ermany.

Tech savant and connoisseur of the uncanny Sarah *ngliss channels the -ictorian nursery via the birth of electricity into the stark atmosphere of the space race, to create an eerie and dreamlike performance. *ccompanied by doll-robots, she con%ures the horror of 2revenants2 .zombies of the ancient british isles0, and the loneliness of doomed 7ussian space dog 5aika, pausing only to commune with the spirit of Tommy "ooper as she serenades us on theremin, saw, and homemade instruments. *ngliss2s work as a sonic artist, composer and roboticist has seen her collaborate with musicians, magicians, historians, theatre companies and many others. Most recently she composed an original score for The 8ffect, a new 5ucy +rebble play at the ational Theatre, which mi#ed audible sound with infrasonics - an approach first seen when *ngliss co-devised an infrasound-laced concert in the +urcell 7oom in 9::;. <n 9::=, she performed for ,," 7adio > in the reverberation chambers of the ational +hysical 5aboratory, and, in 9::?, devised a visceral new special effect with Theatre "ompany +unchdrunk. 1er band Spacedog are collaborating on a @A record for 6hostbo# 7ecords .as part of their Study Series0 and Sarah is releasing a solo album in summer 9:B;. <n the age or digital instruments, invisible records, and a recording studio on your smartphone these two artists, in their own uniCue way, answer a tricky CuestionD what should music look like on stageE +erformance is no longer dictated by the form of the instruments and the physicality of how they must be played, and yet we do not want to watch someone use a laptop on stage, or devise a meaningless ritual that is not related to the sound. Trua# and *ngliss give performances that are both grounded in familiar themes, and open to the new possibilities thrown up by technology. <ts Cuite something to hear -and seeF 5egendary international arts venue MS Stubnitz is now moored in Wood Wharf in central 5ondon, the latest port of call on her 9: year mission to showcase and archive cutting-edge music and emerging cultural forms. This evening is presented as a part of the Transceiver Series, were we showcase innovations in music and sonic arts for your delight and entertainment. The Transceiver Series is curated by *ste *mundsen of the wearable technology performance group Sonic Sideshow. Make sure to visit while we2re here the, ship sails away mid May. Thomas visits the MS Stubnitz on the first &' night of the G1ave 1ornicator, will travelA tour. Sarah is currently working on 21orlicks and *rmageddon2. The surprising, moving and darkly funny story of ,ritainHs secret cold-war, nuclear IsurvivalistsH .opening @-BJ May, ,righton0. Stay tuned for more events on the MS Stubnitz, - and more e#iting acts in the Transceiver Series - to be announced soonF


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Thomas Truax, Sarah Angliss )lang*unst &ouble-bill Thursday 4th April +,#!pm-"",#!pm MS Stubnitz, Montgomery Street -ood -har., $"4 /S0 Tic*ets1 KB: .advance0, KL .advance conc0, KB9 .door0, KB: .door conc0 ,ook hereD More infoD www.thomastrua#.comM, www.sarahangliss.comM 2or .urther in.ormation or press images please contact1 *ste *mundsen MS Stubnitz TD :@@9=9?J:=9 8D httpsDMMtwitter.comMMSStubnitz httpsDMMwww.facebook.comMmsstubnitz