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Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering

Computer and Systems Engineering Department 2nd Year Numerical Analysis Course

Sheet #2
1- Use the Bisection method to find solutions accurate to within 10 for

x4 2 x3 4 x2 4 x 4 0 on [-2, -1].
2- Use MATLAB to find an approximation to 3- It can be shown that the equation: ( )

25 correct to within 10 4 using the Bisection algorithm.

Has a unique real root. Find an interval on which this unique real root is guaranteed to exist. Using the interval found in part (a) and the bisection method, approximate the root to within an -5 absolute tolerance of 10 . -4 4- Find a bound for the number of iterations needed to achieve an approximation with accuracy 10 to 3 the solution of x x 1 = 0 lying in the interval *1, 2+ using Bisection method. Find an approximation to the root with this degree of accuracy. 5- Consider the function g(x) = 2x(1 x), which has fixed points at x = 0 and at x = 1/2. a. Why should we expect that fixed point iteration, starting even with a value very close to zero, will fail to converge toward x = 0? b. Why should we expect that fixed point iteration, starting with p0 (0, 1) will converge toward x = ? c. Perform five iterations starting from an arbitrary p0 (0, 1). 6- Verify that x

a is a fixed point of the function g ( x)


x 3 3xa . 3x 2 a
3 2

7- Write MATLAB programs that use the Bisection and False position(Regula-Falsi) to find solutions accurate to within 10 2 for solving the equation 3x 6.1x 2 x 3x 2 0 on each of the following intervals. a. [-1, 0] b. [-1, -3]

Source code for problems solved using MATLAB should be delivered along with the output of each program. Use 5 decimal digit rounding arithmetic in your calculations.