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Speaking and Listening Group

General Skills I In Group
show are... Discussion, I...
E • I speak clearly • make useful
• I listen and concentrate contributions
• stay on topic and avoid
taking over or switching

D • I speak in a relevant, • make a range of

organised way, thinking contributions
about what I will say • listen to what others say
• I can vary my style to fit and take it on
different tasks board/respond to them
• I listen and pay attention

C • I speak fluently (flowingly) • take a full part and make

without slang a significant contribution
• I listen closely and with • follow on closely from
respect what others say
• I am confident and
appropriate in different

B • I speak with skill in more • lead discussion when

challenging situations appropriate
• I listen sensitively • build on and challenge
points made by other

Writing a Formal Letter to

Grad Appropriate content, Organisation Spelling, Punctuation,
e Grammar

• •
D Shows awareness of the reader and
task (formal letter)
Sentences are
• Some focus on persuading; ideas • Some control of

sometimes supported with punctuation (‘!?””)
appropriate reasons • Simple/regular
• Some range of vocabulary, avoiding spellings correct
• Paragraphs used in a logical order

• •
C Clear understanding of formal letter
Range of sentence
• Clear awareness of the reader with controlled
writing adapted to fit • Range of
• Clear focus on persuading; ideas punctuation (,””?!’),
developed with appropriate reasons used accurately
to support • Most spelling
• Range of vocabulary, precisely correct
• Paragraphs used deliberately to

• •
B Confident understanding of formal
letter style
Wide range of
• Sustained, sensitive awareness of structures, used to
the reader create particular
• Content is well judged to persuade effects
the particular reader, ideas well • Wide range of
chosen/ordered punctuation (-:;)
• Wide range of appropriate, ambitious used to create
vocabulary particular effects
• Paragraphs varied in structure and • Virtually all spelling
used to build up the whole text correct