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DESIGN 2 ASSIGNMENT 1 Question 1 a) Briefly describe the relative importance of cracking with respect to water retaining structures.

. b) A client wants to construct a swimming pool that will have the following dimensions; Width: 4m, Length: 12m and depth: 1.5m maximum. 1. Sketch a typical section across the longer side of the pool. 2. What is the importance of a water bar? 3. Describe the different design scenarios that you would consider. 4. Design the reinforcement to be provided in both the base and wall. 5. Detail the reinforcement for both the base and the walls. c) What will happen to the structure if the contractor uses a concrete of cube strength equal to 30 MPa instead of 40 MPa? Question 2 a) Differentiate between a strap and a strip foundation. b) Design the strip footing to a load bearing wall that will be sustaining 2 storeys given that the slab thickness for any one storey is 150 mm [Assumptions should be clearly stated]. c) Design and detail the bases to the following columns; 1. 200200 sustaining a dead load of 1500 kg Imposed load 2. 200200 sustaining a ULS of 2500 kN d) Two RC columns of dimensions 350350 are spaced at 1.0m apart (centre-line dimensions), both columns sustain identical dead and imposed load, which amounts to 2134 kN at ULS. Design and detail the base. Furthermore check whether the base thickness provided is adequate or not.