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Interdependence of formulation and implementation

It is convenient from the point of view of orderly study to divide a consideration of corporate strategy, as we have divided it, into aspects of formulation and implementation and to note, for example, the requirement of the former for analytical and conceptual ability and of the latter for administrative skill. But in real life the processes of formulation and implementation are intertwined. Feedback from operations gives notice of changing environmental factors to which strategy should be adjusted. The formulation of strategy is not finished when implementation begins.
Learned et al 1965

In the early days of strategic planning, it was discovered that the extrapolative accounting-based information system, typically found in firms, was inadequate and misleading for forecasting performance in turbulent environments. As a result numerous forecasting and environmental analysis techniques were developed, designed to capture nonlinearities, complexity, and unpredictability of future environments.
Ansoff 1990, Implanting Strategic Management

Forecasting OR Scenarios
You can try predictions or forecasts - in fact you must use them for one-year operating plans and budgets. But apart from the fact that many of these (on interest rates for example) can be wrong even short term, for longer term business strategy if you use forecasts you will find that almost all of them are wrong. At the time forecasts are announced they carry an air of definitiveness and clarity: but that usually turns out to be an illusion. Scenarios, especially when projected long term, say 5-10 years, are not predictions - they are possible pictures of tomorrow. But they attempt to capture alternative futures, which serves to expand our state of mental readiness and flexibility. Bill Weinstein 2008

Scenarios External conditions

We need to create pictures, scenarios of the future to be able to make our choices today, in terms of investments, risk management, when to buy or sell The scenarios help us to pinpoint external changes that will have a vital influence on our business or part of it. In other words, changes that will have an important impact on our key success factors during a certain time span, and that is out of our reach to control or influence.