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Tourism Industry

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The subcontinent of India lies in south Asia, between Pakistan, China and Nepal. To
the north it is bordered by the world's highest mountain chain, where foothill valleys
cover the northernmost of the country's 26 states. Further south, plateaus, tropical
rain forests and sandy deserts are bordered by palm fringed beaches .
Side by side with the country's staggering topographical variations is its cultural
diversity, the result of the coexistence of a number of religions as well as local
tradition. Thus, the towering temples of south India, easily identifiable by their
ornately sculptured surface, are associated with a great many crafts and performing
arts of the region.
In the desert of Kutch, Gujarat, on the other hand, a scattering of villages pit
themselves against the awesome forces of nature, resulting in Spartan lifestyles
made vibrant by a profusion of jewelry and ornamental embroidery used to adorn
apparel and household linen. In the extreme north is the high altitude desert of
Ladakh. Local culture is visibly shaped by the faith - Buddhism -as well as by the
harsh terrain. Yet another facet of Indian culture is observed in the colorful tribal
lifestyles of the north eastern states of Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur
with their folk culture.In the central Indian states of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh
tribal village life has resulted in a variety of artistically executed handicrafts.
Travel and Tourism (T&T)
- the world’s largest industry
Share of world: % of Total

GDP 11.0

Employment 8.0

Exports 7.9

Capital Investment 9.4

Phenomenal Explosion of Domestic

Year Domestic

1990 63,817,285

1998 168,196,000

1999 176,082,442

2000 210,082,442
Average Length of Stay in the Country
Country Days
India 31.2
Canada 5.22
Brazil 13.00
France 7.31
Hong Kong/China 3.38
Japan 8.80
Malaysia 5.50
Singapore(1997) 2.60
Spain 12.9
Thailand 8.4
India - “ A Civilization Alive”
Heritage Site

Cultural Attractions

Beaches / Benchmarks

Health And Wellness - Yoga &



Indian Cuisine

New Experience - Meditation,

The Indian Tourism Product

What’s New ?



Fast Trains

Hotels And Resorts

Recreation Facilities
e.g. Golf
India - Business Opportunity

5th largest Economy (PPP) High

Growth - 250 Middle Class

Huge Outbound Market - Growth

Huge Infrastructure Investment


Tax Incentives Available

Steps Taken to Accelerate Tourism
Growth - I

Reduction in Entry Fee and Passenger Tax for Monuments

Over 17,000 additional international air seat capacity

Maximizing use of Information Technology For Promotion

Touch Screen Information Kiosks

PATA Annual Conference 2000 in Indian on 14 - 18 April

Steps Taken to Accelerate Tourism Growth - II

WTO ‘Visit South Asia year 2003’

Up-gradation of Domestic Airlines, better services and increased


Communication revolution

Increase Hotel Rooms to 1,25,000 by 2002

More Budget for Overseas Marketing Being Restored


Improve the quality of airports that are to the international standards.

Improve important railway stations to international standards.

Have smart, computer literate friendly immigration officers who will ensure
that a tourist need not wait more than five to seven minutes in the
immigration queue.

Improve airport access road.

Build more three star functional clean hotels with friendly affordable tariffs.

Maintain monuments and attractions as it is done worldwide.

Exclusive international 5 star deluxe resort
located on colva beach

186 rooms, 10 suites, 6 villas with private

balconies overlooking landscaped garden & the
Rooms & suites with individually controlled air-
conditioning, large private bath, massage,
shower & hair dryer, international direct dial
telephones, cctv, mini bar


Multicuisine restaurants & bars

Swimming pools with a beautifully landscaped

sundeck area, 9 hole golf green, 2 tennis
courts, volleyball, yoga & meditation areas.
The 4 P’s of Marketing
The 4 Ps of marketing are Product,
Price, Place, and Promotion. Think of
each of these as a variable which you
control. The idea is to set these
variables in such a way so that sales
will take place. You cannot "make" a
customer pull out her credit card, but
you can certainly help her in coming
to a decision by setting the "right"
price, the retail location, the level of
advertising and even product
attributes such as color or perceived
quality. You control everything but the
customer herself. These variables are
all interdependent. Taken together,
they constitute a certain mix.
In the hospitality industry the service that the hotel provides and the other products
that the hotel provides are the facilities the rooms the restaurants the hotel has It's
fully refurbished guest rooms and highly personalized services, make you feel
comfortable and cared for, miles away from home the product that the armadas is
into is always to keep the guests happy who enter and leave their premises


What is Price? The answer may not be as obvious as one may think. Price is
not just the sticker price or the price invoiced. It goes deeper. the Ramada is
one of the only 5 star hotels in Goa that has prices that even a common man
can avail of on grand occasions they have a price tag which varies for different
persons requirements may from any walk of life Ramada is a good price
package that fits every ones budget due to which they do not face competition
from other hotels
Exclusive international 5 star deluxe resort located on colva beach . 186 rooms, 10
suites, 6 villas with private balconies overlooking landscaped garden & the ocean
And only 3 km from the airport so why wont anyone opt for a better place than this

The Ramada have their advertising on local radios during great events like
valentines day , and the occasions in Goa which is very important . they have
shows and discothèques in which they have freebies like couple entry on 50%
discount and etc their promotion is also done thru Indian airlines which offers
tickets and staying packages for Ramada and the rates are so nominal that
people cannot resist
Segmentation is essentially the identification of subsets of buyers within a
market who share similar needs and who demonstrate similar buyer
There are many ways that a segment can be considered. For example, the
auto market could be segmented by: engine size, model type, cost, and so
on. However the more general bases include:

By geography - such as where in the world was the product bought

By psychographics - such as lifestyle or beliefs
By socio-cultural factors - such as class
By demography - such as age, sex, and so on.

Hence we see that Ramada basically segments its

customers by psychographics and also by socio –
cultural factors to a certain extent.
Targeting is the second stage of the process. After the market has been
separated into its segments, the marketer will select a segment or series of
segments and 'target' it/them.
It's like looking at a dart board or a shooting target. You see that it has areas with
different scores - these are your segments. Aiming the dart or the bullet at a
specific scoring area is 'targeting'

Considering Goa being the hottest tourist location in

India, foreigners are the major source of income for
Ramada's. Hence their major target market would the
foreigners who come to India on a vacation.
Swot analysis
Very good and peaceful location
They have their own beach COLVA which is major tourist attraction
Good services toward customer
Rates are much low as compared to their customer

Very far from airport, railway station and from the main city
No major tourist spot nearby except colva beach
As there is boon in tourisms so opportunity of capturing the market.
Major brand Ramada all over the world
Support from Kokan government tourisms department
If they do more advertisement and promotion then chances of capturing
more market shares.

Major competition from hotels like Leela, Taj, and holiday inn and
Majorda beach resorts.
Marketing Strategies
Having world wide network of more than
10 hotels in countries like {Tokyo, Berlin,
Amsterdam and Sydney}

In India major collaboration with kokan

railways, air India, Indian airlines.

Collaboration with traveling agencies like

raj tours and travels and sotc .and many
small travels agents.

Collaboration with certain companies line

d-link, air India in goa for conferences and
As India is rich with culture and heritage, but India is facing not so good important
place in the tourism industry. which can provide 30% to 50% of the G.D.P of the
country. But the government is not taking it very seriously to improve our condition so
that the tourism industry in the country can grow.
Today man had money and wanted to see what he had learned and listened from
the people. They are ready to pay for entertainment but they should feel that they had
enjoyed. Foreign countries are taking the advantage by providing with the attractive
offers and simplicity in obtaining tourist visa.
They advertise themselves they had formed separate ministry to see that they
are advertised and there is increase in the tourist.
India required to take steam measures because it can solve the countries most
effected problem, that is unemployment. If unemployment problem is solve, the
problem of growing population can come into control.