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NAME: Cheryl Lee


OPTION: Central (P/J)


Lang age!"i# al Art# Le##on Plan

Title: Maniac Magee: A Show in the Dark
$ra%e & Lang age Art#/The Art# Timing:

7 x 60 min periods

'ig I%ea/En% ring (n%er#tan%ing : Themes illustrated within a piece of literature can be extended into works of art; art is an expression of our ideas and beliefs. )*eci+ic C rric l m E,*ectation#: Reading Making Inferences/Interpreting Texts 1.5: Use stated and implied ideas in texts to make inferences and construct meaning Visual Arts Creating and Presenting D1.1: Create 2 and 3-D art works that express feelings and ideas inspired by their own and others points of view D1.2: Demonstrate an understanding of composition, using selected principles of design to create narrative art works on a theme/topic Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing D2.2: Explain how the elements and principles of design are used in their own and others artwork to communicate meaning or understanding Exploring Forms and Cultural Contexts D3.2: Demonstrate an awareness of ways in which visual arts reflect the beliefs and traditions of a variety of peoples and of people in different times and places Drama Creating and Presenting B1.3: Plan and shape the direction of the drama or role play by collaborating with others to develop ideas, in/out of role Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing B2.3: Identify and give examples of their strengths, interests, and areas for improvements as drama creators, performers, and audience Material# - Tool#: Teacher Resources Equipment - Online Material (*) - Projector - Construction Paper 8x11 (6 per group) - Computer - Cardboard 8 x 11 (2 per group) - Speaker System - Bamboo skewers (6 per group) - Butterfly clips (as many as needed) - Scissors Arti#t#/Art.or/#: (describe how you used them in the lesson below) (*) 1. Rubins Vase: vase.!if 2 " #. Various positive/ne!ative space ima!es
Polar Bear: City-Key:

Victor Vasarely:

$. %&'()*+: *hinese )hadow ,uppetry-:'p2! Length: 10:08 5. %*olchester 6 7pswich 8useum/)i!nal 8edia 9rts *entre: :he ; <ittle ,i!!ies- Length: 6:19*m=>?@c#R9 A. ,uppet artworB of 9ndrea (verman: 0. )hadowli!ht ,roductions 8anual: 0 ality Art E% cation : have you included
Creati1e Proce## (eg. making art) Critical Analy#i# Proce## (eg. talking or writing about art) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I# it al#o integrate% .ith another %i#ci*line2

)*ecial Con#i%eration#:

3eli1ering the Le##on


45 m.

$ro *in g

7 ) 8 8

7arm! */Min%# On :aBe up homeworBC D:heme or not worBsheetC which will be used to re-affirm their Bnowled!e re!ardin! the difference between theme/topic Eif they are behindC then distribute D2uote-theme worBsheet as homeworBF. &sin! the computer and pro@ectorC display artworBs G2-# to introduce or assess their understandin! of positive and ne!ative space. Hiscuss each and have them point out the space. *hallen!e their beliefs about space by showin! them G1. Hiscuss. 7ntroduce the idea of shadow puppetry and assess the classs familiarity with the term. ,lay video G$. ,ause and asB for feedbacB at the followin!: 2:$2 Ewhere is the positive/ne!ative spaceFC ;:25 Ewhat are the benefits of inte!ratin! musicFC $:15 Ehow is the puppet bein! moved via multiple @oints etcFC and I:## EasB to interpret the meanin! of the last lineF. (nd video. >rite on board: te3t-te3tC te3t-selfC te3tworld connections. 9sB students to maBe one or more of the followin! with their elbow partner for $ min. )hare with the class. 9sB if shadow puppetry can still be performed in a modern conte3t Eanswer: yes as theyve seen the end of the video identifyin! soF. 7ntroduce video G5 Ea @oint pro@ect by two companies " an educational worBshop for youn! childrenF. ,ause and asB for feedbacB at the followin!: 0:$0 Ewhere is the positive/ne!ative spaceFC 1:2# Eidentify inte!ration of real life ob@ectsJ what is their effectFC 2:2; Ehow is the puppet movin! more than one wayFC and #:0# Ehow is their use of voice elevatin! their performanceF. 9s a classC brainstorm similarities between the two videos and write down what the components of Dshadow puppetry are. Action/'o%y o+ the Le##on ()te*!;y!)te*) Review definition of shadow puppetry. >ith computer and pro@ectorC show puppet artworB of GA and discuss/identify the positive/ne!ative space. 7ntroduce the pro@ect which they will do with their readin! circle !roups E8aniac 8a!eeF. Histribute one D*hecBlist handout to each !roup. Ho a detailed rundown of the checBlist and rubric. )how them a sample of my puppet and the techni2ues 7 utili1ed to maBe movable @oints and capture ne!ative space. )how them the set that they will be performin! on. Additional help for teacher in #8 pdf.

45 m.

6& m.

4& m.

& m.

4& m.

95 m.

8 >ith their !roupC choose a scene from the booB to re-create and identify the correspondin! theme and topic. >hen approvedC they can brainstorm a script with their !roup. 8 7f they are still not done the scriptC focus on that and then have the students do their sets and puppets while adherin! to the checBlist. =acilitate and help with their puppets whenever possibleC !ivin! direction on techni2uesC etc. 9lways allot a $ minute timeframe at the end of each period for clean-up. 9llow students to brin! it home if they desire to.

9 , :5m.

&5 m.

Con#oli%ation/Clo# re: Kave the students hand in their rubric/checBlist handout. ,resent the shows and arran!e the order of the !roups in a way that pays special attention to !roup/student dynamics Ee3: less confident !roups may be arran!ed in the middle timeslotF 9sB students to reflect with their !roup on their stren!ths and weaBnesses. )hare with the class.

45 m.

7hat .or/e%:

7 sparBed their interest usin! a variety of videos/media forms and !ave them many opportunities to discuss their understandin!. 7 also !ave them complete controlC facilitatin! in the bacB!round and only directin! when necessary. =or e3ampleC 7 would prompt them when they werent meetin! the checBlist re2uirements Einte!ration of a real-life ob@ect/etcF. 7hat %i%n=t .or/: :here was too little time for clean-upJ the $ minute timeframe should be e3tended to 10 minute at leastC especially when they are cuttin! out the puppets. 7hat change# are nee%e% +or ne,t time: :oo much freedom actually maBes the students panic. 7n the futureC 7d liBe to !ive them a more detailed and separate checBlist for what is needed in their scripts and dramas. 9lsoC if time permitsC 7d liBe to !ive students the opportunity to maBe their own sets.

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