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Dilema Penetapan Upah Lembur dalam Kaitannya dengan Upaya Perlindungan bagi Pekerja/Buruh dan Perkembangan Perusahaan

Nur Hidayati Staf pengajar pada Jurusan Teknik Mesin Politeknik Negeri Semarang Abstract: In the labor involved parties are generally located in an unbalanced position both socially and economically which is between the workers/laborers and employers. Applicable wage policy as a means or instrument which is suitable to improve the working relationship. The study is in the realm of socio-interactional approach to legal research with symbolic and hermeneutic. This type of data in this study consists of primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques by means of interviews and observations conducted indepth semi-structure on the informants. Data analysis techniques include editing, coding and presentation of data. Data validation techniques include: prolonged engagement, persistent observation, trianggulation, peer debrifing, negative case analisis, membercheck. Data interpretation techniques to critically analyze research results with the theory that is relevant and accurate information obtained from the field and data presentation techniques is one of the front line of the triad package in addition to interpretation, and evaluation. Remuneration arising in wages of workers/laborers in general terms and the different interests of the wage. The diversity of the wage system. The low level of wages or income due to the low level of management skills that lead to waste of funds, sources of time, labor productivity. Characteristics of labor contracts between workers and firms in the form of wage per unit (piece rates) and hourly wages (time rates) and holiday compensation. Overtime wage system is fair and prosperous for both the workers/laborers and entrepreneurs are the preparation and structure determination of pay scales as a guide so that there is certainty of overtime pay overtime wages per worker/laborer as well as reducing the gap between the lowest and highest overtime pay in the company concerned as set the Law. 13 of 2003, Article 92 paragraph (1) with regard to the principles of wage. Keywords: labor/unions, wage, overtime wages

Ragam Jurnal Pengembangan Humaniora Vol. 12 No. 3, Desember 2012