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Early Childhood Education Learning Experience Plan Name: Maggie Egan Lesson Title: What Fish Eat Date: April 8th Grade Level: PreK Circle one: ECE PKSN Standard s!"Guideline s!:Sub D !ain: S"ien"e# Stran$: %i&e S"ien"e# ' pi": E(pl rati ns & %i)ing 'hings*With ! $eling an$ supp rt+ i$enti&, an$ e(pl re the relati nship bet-een li)ing things an$ their en)ir n!ents .e/g/+ habitats+ & $+ eating habits+ et"/0 D !ain: %anguage an$ %itera", De)el p!ent# Stran$: %istening an$ Spea1ing# ' pi": 2e"epti)e %anguage an$ 3 !prehensi n*F ll - t- step $ire"ti ns r re4uests/ Pre#assessment o$ current %no&ledge: We br ught in a &ish at the beginning & ur in)estigati n an$ le&t it in their "lassr ! an$ the, ha)e been &ee$ing it s 5 1n - that the, 1n - at least that &ish eat $i&&erent 1in$s & & $ that -e eat/ 'nstructional ()*ectives +#,! (ne"T&o -ssessed 'nstructional ()*ective s0: 'he stu$ent -ill be able t /// 1/ Dra- an$ paste $i&&erent & $s &ish eat n their &ishes !a$e ut & " nstru"ti n paper -ssessment o$ Student Learning 'denti$y Evidence: .What -ill , u " lle"t r re" r$ as $ata t $e! nstrate stu$ents ha)e !et , ur b7e"ti)e.s0 an$ s1ill80 1/ 5 -ill " lle"t their ans-ers ab ut -hat 1in$s & & $ &ish eat an$ re" r$ the! n an bser)ati n "hart/ 2/ 9ang their &ishes up utsi$e in the hall-a, t see i& the, -ere able t & ll - the $ire"ti ns & b th $ra-ing an$ pasting & $s n their &ish/ Learning Experience -cademic Language: &ish+ & $+ plan1t n+ !inn -s+ sea-ee$+ glue+ paste+ " nstru"ti n paper+ "ra, ns Procedural steps: 1/ First 5 a! g ing t ha)e the stu$ents gather n the "arpet/ 5 -ill start b, as1ing the! -hat their &a) rite 1in$s & & $s are/ :n"e 5 get a &e- resp nses 5 -ill then as1 the stu$ents -hat 1in$s & & $ the, thin1 that &ish eat/ 2/ A&ter a &e- resp nses & that 5 -ill sh - the! the & ur ! st p pular things that &ish eat in"lu$ing plan1t n+ !inn -s+ sea-ee$+ an$ &ish & $/ 3/ A&ter sh -ing the stu$ents this 5 -ill as1 the! t g ba"1 t their seats an$ $ra- in the &ish at their sp ts; st !a"h an, & the & $ that -e ha$ tal1e$ ab ut/ 5 als pr )i$e$ pi"tures & the & ur & $s s the, " ul$ glue the pi"tures as -ell/ </ 'he stu$ents -ere t use "ra, ns an$ $ t paint t $e" rate the rest & their &ish/ -uthentic .aterials: .Des"ribe authenti" real li&e+ han$s6 n !aterials/0 iPa$+ glue+ paper+ "ra, ns -dult /oles: E!il,+ the ther stu$ent tea"her+ -ill pass ut the &ish t ea"h stu$ents; sp t/ Mrs/ 9an$, -ill help !e !anage "lassr ! beha)i r/

(ne -ssessed Developmental S%ill: 1/ Fine ! t r

Sa$ety Considerations: 6 Eating the glue r an, & the supplies

Program .onitoring: .9 - -ill , u aggregate r " !pile , ur e)i$en"e int a "lass r gr up )ie-80 1/ Keep "he"1list & stu$ents -h -ere able t & ll - b th $ire"ti ns gi)en/ 2/ 9ang up stu$ents - r1 utsi$e in hall-a, t see -hi"h stu$ents " ul$ b th $ra- an$ paste $i&&erent t,pes & &ish & $ n their &ish/


Early Childhood Education Learning Experience Plan

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/e$lection: What ha)e , u learne$ ab ut , ur stu$ents8 9 - -ill this in& r! &uture instru"ti n80 See atta"he$ re&le"ti n paper