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Sonneratiaceae to be antioxidant and cytotoxic. It is traditionally used as an astringent and antiseptic, sprain poultices, in treating piles and arresting haemorrhage. Sonneratiaceaes phyto constituents and they are useful in microbial infections.

Extraction & screening

EXTRA TI!" #R! E$%RE #o&der of S '()gm* &as defatted &ith petroleum ether '+),-))c* and then it &as successi.ely extracted &ith ben/ene, chloroform, acetone, ethanol &ith the help of soxhlet apparatus.

#01T! 0E2I A3 S REE"I"4 The .arious extracts obtained after extraction &ere sub5ected to preliminary phytochemical screening. A small amount of the sample &ere treated &ith 2ayers reagent, 0agers reagent, $ragendorffs reagent and 6agners reagent to detect the presence of al7aloids. arbohydrate &as detected using 2olisch, 8arfoeds, 9ehlings, 8enedicts and Seli&anoffs reagent. Sal7o&s7is test &as conducted to test the presence of sterols. 4lycosides &ere tested using 3egals, 8orntragers and :eller 7illiani test. Saponins &ere confirmed by foam test.#henolic compounds and tannins presence &ere indicated &ith the help of ferric chloride solution, lead acetate solution and a;ueous bromine solution. 8iuret test, 2illons regent and "inhydrin reagent used to test the presence of proteins and amino acids in the .arious extracts. The test li7e Shinoda test, addition of lead acetate, addition of sodium hydroxide follo&ed by decolourisation upon acid addition &as performed to chec7 the presence of fla.onoids.


The presence of ardiac glycosides &ere sho&n by all the extracts excluding ben/ene and &ater extract. Ethanolic and acetone extracts ga.e positi.e results for al7aloids, carbohydrates, fla.onoids and cardiac glycosides. In addition to that, it &as found that saponins and phenolic compounds &ere present in ethanol and sterols are found in acetone extracts respecti.ely. hloroform extract ga.e positi.e result for al7aloids, carbohydrates and cardiac glycosides. 8en/ene extract &as sho&n the positi.e result for carbohydrates. #etroleum ether extract sho&ed the presence of carbohydrates and cardiac glycosides. 6ater extracts sho&ed the presence of carbohydrates and phenolic compounds.