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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Ms. Poole Subject/ Topic/ Theme Labeli ! "orm Parts #ra$e

Date April 29,2014 %%%&irst%%%%%%%%%%%%%

I. Objectives How does t is lesson connect to t e unit !lan"

' o(i ! the part o& the (orm a $ bei ! able to label them is importa t &or the u it.

Learners will be able to#

1e able to liste a $ comprehe $ the boo2 .reate a picture (ith labeli ! parts o& the (orm , $ersta $ (hat parts o& the (orm $oes

co! iti)e* + , Ap A - ./

ph0sical $e)elopme t

socio* emotio al

, . ,

Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed# L.HE.E.' Observable C aracteristics( Plants and animals s are man)* but not all* c aracteristics of t eir !arents.
45ote# "rite as ma 0 as ee$e$. 6 $icate ta3o om0 le)els a $ co ectio s to applicable atio al or state sta $ar$s. 6& a objecti)e applies to particular lear ers (rite the ame4s7 o& the lear er4s7 to (hom it applies.7 /remember, u $ersta $, appl0, a al08e, e)aluate, create

II. +efore )ou start Identif) !rere,uisite -nowledge and s-ills.

That (e are lear i ! about (orms a $ o( (e are $oi ! the parts o& the (orm
Pre-assessment (for learning):

Outline assessment activities 4applicable to this lesso 7

Formative (for learning):

Labeli ! Parts o& the (orm

Formative (as learning): Summative (of learning79 Provide 1ulti!le 1eans of 2e!resentation Pro)i$e optio s &or perceptio * making information perceptible Ma2i ! a project (here the0 label parts o& the (orm Pro)i$e optio s &or la !ua!e, mathematical e3pressio s, a $ s0mbols* clarif " connect language Provide 1ulti!le 1eans of Action and E0!ression Pro)i$e optio s &or ph0sical actio * increase options for interaction The labeleing of the worm and making a picture Provide 1ulti!le 1eans of Engagement Pro)i$e optio s &or recruiti ! i terest* choice, relevance, value, authenticit , minimi!e threats :o( to $ra( the picture a $ ho( ma 0 burro(s the0 (a t Pro)i$e optio s &or sustai i ! e&&ort a $ persiste ce* optimi!e challenge, collaboration, master oriented feedback

. at barriers mig t t is lesson !resent" . at will it ta-e / neurodevelo!mentall)* e0!erientiall)* emotionall)* etc.* for )our students to do t is lesson"

Pro)i$e optio s &or e3pressio a $ commu icatio * increase medium of e#pression

"al2 arou $ a $ ma2e sure $oi! it ri!ht

Pro)i$e optio s &or comprehe sio * activate, appl " highlight Pro)i$e optio s &or e3ecuti)e &u ctio s* coordinate short " long term goals, monitor progress, and modif strategies Pro)i$e optio s &or sel&*re!ulatio * e#pectations, personal skills and strategies, self-assessment " reflection

:i!hli!ht parts o& the (orm

Mo itor b0 (al2i ! arou $

Ma2e sure the0 are $oi ! it ri!ht


1aterials(w at materials $boo-s* andouts* etc& do )ou need for t is lesson and are t e) read) to use"

1oo29 :erma a $ Mar!uerite9 A -arth Stor0 , mar2ers, !umm0 (orm, a $ co structio paper.

How will )our classroom be set u! for t is lesson" III. 3 e Plan 3ime 7#88( 7#'9 Com!onents 1otivation 4ope i !/ i tro$uctio / e !a!eme t7

5o special (a0

4escribe teacher activities A54 student activities for eac com!onent of t e lesson. Include im!ortant ig er order t in-ing ,uestions and6or !rom!ts. +ea$ the boo2 :erma a $ Mar!uerite9 A -arth Liste to stor0 Stor0 a $ tell the stu$e ts to pa0 atte tio to the e )iro me t the (orm is i so &or the project the0 (ill 2 o( that the0 ha)e to $o somethi ! u $er!rou $ a $ ot abo)e !rou $.

7#'9( 7#:9

4evelo!ment 4the lar!est compo e t or mai bo$0 o& the lesso 7 7#:9( 798

-3plai a $ sho( a e3ample that (e are labeli ! (orm (here the0 (ill $ra( a sce e u $er!rou $ (ith burro(s a $ label parts o& the (orm, (ith the (or$s 1urro( 1ristles Sali)a .asti !s Se!me ts clitellum se $ the stu$e ts to the $es2s 6 (ill mo$el a $ ha)e the stu$e ts &ollo( as 6 !o A $ to liste , 6 (ill tell the stu$e ts, at the e $ 6 (ill !i)e them a !umm0 (orm a $ ot to eat the o e 6 !i)e &or the project

As2 <uestio s i& ha)e a 0

#o to $es2

"or2 o the project

7#98( '8#'9

Closure 4co clusio , culmi atio , (rap*up7

:a)e the stu$e ts share i part ers their pictures a $ also ha)e them share o e e( &act the0 lear e$ (ith their part er

Stu$e ts share (ith part ers

;our reflection about t e lesson* including evidence$s& of student learning and engagement* as well as ideas for im!rovement for ne0t time. 4"rite this a&ter teachi ! the lesso , i& 0ou ha$ a cha ce to teach it. 6& 0ou $i$ ot teach this lesso , &ocus o the process o& prepari ! the lesso .7