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Introduction: We had this opportunity to visit Asian Development Bank abbreviated as ADB as a part of 65th senior staff course

organized by the authority of B A!"# We are very proud to visit a bank like ADB$ %hich is not only one of the topmost bank in Bangladesh but also in the %orld# ADB is consistently %orking from last &' years$ to reduce poverty in Asia and acific region# (ther than Bangladesh$ it has other 66 other member countries# !he head )uarters of ADB is in the hilippines# *apan and the +nited ,tates are the largest share holders of ADB# !he main aim of ADB is to reduce poverty by increasing sustainable gro%th in Asia acific# It has established in -.66# After the independence$ Bangladesh became a member of ADB in the year of -.'/ though Bangladesh 0esident mission %as established in -.12# It is considered as the oldest field office of ADB# Development policy and ,trategy: ADB3s long term strategies frame%ork 42551625257 are: -# Inclusive 8ro%th 2# 9nvironmentally sustrainable gro%th /# 0egional Integration Its core operational areas are: -# Infrastructure 2# 9nvironment /# 0egional "ooperation Integration &# :inancial ,ector development 5# 9ducation ;ature of assistance in Bangladesh: Being %ithin the strategic agenda frame%ork$ ADB tries its best to prioritize the partnership plan of Bangladesh# !hough Bangladesh has %itnessed 6< p#a# %ith %ell performing social indicators$ it has fe% challenges yet to be addressed: -# Deficiency in infrastructure$ po%er$ gas# 2# ,hortage of skilled manpo%er# /# 0apid urbanization resulting severe congestion and inade)uate service# &# "limate change and fre)uent natural disasters# Area of inventions: During the period of -.'/6-.15$ to recover %ar damage ADB e=tended their assistance by reconstructing the infrastructure of the country# >ater on in mid -.15s$ ADB focused on the policy and institutional reforms in different sectors such as agriculture$ science$ energy and transport# Bet%een 255262556 ADB supported in primary education$ health$ urban and rural infrastructure and ,?9 development in line %ith government participation# In 25566-5 the support for energy$ transport$ urban development has been enhanced one step further#