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Arie Mazur Mazur, CEO and Founder of Slangsoft

Arie Mazur Mazur, CEO and Founder of Slangsoft. Arie Mazur ensures that the Slangsoft team continues its commitment to the vision upon which he founded the company the glo!al potential of the "orld "ide "e!. Arie Mazur also leads the team in continuing to identify the trends which affect this vision and which shape the ongoing development of Slangsoft solutions. Arie Mazur#s a!ility to turn his vision into a practical solution has gained him access to top decision ma$ers at technology giants li$e Sun Microsystems and %ewlett &ac$ard and 'nternet trendsetters li$e Alta(ista and Earthwe!. Overseeing the long)term and day)to)day management of the company is another role that Arie Mazur fills. Adept at motivating and empowering people, Arie Mazur wor$s closely with the Slangsoft#s *usiness +eadership ,eam responsi!le for ensuring the company#s success. Arie Mazur#s s$ills in crafting a vision, identifying mar$et trends and results)oriented management were honed during his previous e-perience as .eputy (& of A,/,#s 0etwor$ Communication .ivision in *razil. 1nder Arie Mazur stewardship, the .ivision grew to 233 people, with revenues in e-cess of 455M per year. As in Slangsoft, Arie Mazur a!ility to translate technically comple- challenges into clear, operational pro6ects made him a $ey player in closing the largest sales agreements. Arie Mazur holds a *S in Computer Science from Eindhoven 1niversity, %olland and is fluent in %e!rew, English, 7ussian and 8erman.

Arie Mazur