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The Big Five-55

Statham uses a routine called The Big Five-55 to gain henchmancrushing strength. This variation comes courtesy of personal trainer Dan John. There is no prescribed rest; ideally you should ait until the end of the set before stopping. !ou ant to or" as fast as you can hile maintaining good form# so ma"e sure the eights are light enough. !ou$re not the hardest man in %olly ood & yet. 'erform a circuit of five e(ercises a total of )* times. Start ith )* reps of each# decreasing by one rep each round. So do )* reps of all moves in the first round# nine in the second# and so on & a total of 55. 1 Front squat A 'osition a rac"ed barbell across the front of your shoulders. +ross your arms ith your hands on top of the bar and dismount it. B S,uat do n until your thighs are -ust past parallel to the ground; "eep your bac" straight po er bac" up# loc"# stoc" and barrel. 2 Chin-up A The "ey to a big-screen bac". grab the bar ith a ide overhand grip. B 'ull up# s,uee/ing your shoulder blades together until your chin is above the bar. 0o lo er until your arms are straight. 1f you$re struggling you can as" your supporting act 2training partner3 to hold your feet.

The Big Five-55 (cont...)

3 Decline o! push-up A Tool up ith one big bo( and t o smaller ones# roughly 4*cm shorter. 'lace a hand on each small bo( and rest your feet on the bigger one. B 0o do your push-ups. Because you$re elevated# you can go much deeper in the bottom position to build high-definition in your pecs. " #o$er clean A 'osition your feet under a barbell and bend to grab it ith a ide grip. 5(tend your "nees and hips to pull it up# shrugging your shoulders. B !an" your body under the bar and rotate your elbo s to catch it across your shoulders; stand up straight. That$s one rep done. 6ood luc". 5 %nees to el o$s A %ang from a chin-up bar or 7lympic rings at the half-coc"ed position & elbo s at a right angle. This last move ill burn your arms and your abs. B 0o raise your "nees until they touch your elbo s. %old# then lo er them bac" do n under control so you don$t start to s ing. Statham does not approve of s inging.