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The Bulk Matrix

Perform this circuit four times, using the guidelines right. Rest for 45 seconds between stations; recover fully after each circuit Circuit 1 Do 10 re s of each move, erformed on your !nees Circuit " Do # re s on your toes Circuit 3 Do 5 re s, bac!side higher than your shoulders Circuit 4 Do $ re s, shoulders higher than your bac!side 1 The diamond Place your thumbs and inde% fingers together in a diamond sha e &'(. )ower your chest to the centre of the diamond &*(, then ush bac! u again. *reathe raggedly. 2 The square Position your alms so they+re ,s-uare. with your shoulders &'(. /ee your elbows tuc!ed in, moving alongside your torso to detonate your trice s &*(. 3 The rectangle 0et your hands wide a art &'(, so that when you lower your chest to the floor, your arms, chest and the floor form a rectangle &*(.

The Bulk Matrix (cont...)

4 The eagle 0tart in the same osition as above &'(, but this time s read your fingers as you lower and turn them outwards &*(. 1a!e the ain. 5 The kong 'ssume a ush2u osition on your !nuc!les &'(, your arms at shoulder2width. )ower your chest to the floor, letting your elbows bend bac! li!e a grassho er+s legs &*(. 1his is a final !iller on your shoulders.