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Traci Smith Dr. Farley 11/6/13 SHAC ASSIGNMENT

Thomas Jefferson relates to our vision for Coordinate School Health, Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning. (Jefferson, 2013) The vision of a Coordinated School Health Program should aim to use health and physical education as a means to guide students into living a healthy lifestyle, which will then help promote the importance of health in all aspects of school and the community. This is exactly what we as a group hope to accomplish with the Shortridge Magnet School. The school is unique in that it serves many different aged students with grades 6-12. Health and Physical Education can be described as a universal subject in that a majority of the lessons can be taught across multiple age groups. Our program not only hopes to instill healthy habits into the students, but also unite the students within the school and forming a sense of community across all grades.

Rationale: An effective Coordinated School Health Program not only affects the students, but also affects the faculty and staff as well as the community. The intention is to effect all individuals involved with the Coordinated School Health Program; Principal/Vice Principal, Nurse, Nutrition Representative, Health Teacher, Physical Education Teacher, Community Leader, Parents and Guardians, and lastly School Counselor. Informing the students with the knowledge that they need to teach others will not only increase the health rate of students will also decrease the amount of students who are overweight. According to the YRBSS nationwide about 31.6% of students are overweight and it would not be hard for us to get that number down if we just inform the students how to be healthy. (Children Health Data, 2007) Our suggested program will be more than teaching the students right or wrong when it comes to health choices, but unique relationships amongst the students will emerge that wouldnt otherwise be seen.

Food Service Manager at Danville High School: Manager Becki Gibbs: 11 years

Traci Smith Dr. Farley 11/6/13 SHAC ASSIGNMENT

-She is not familiar with CSHP and doesnt know if the high school as one. 1. What varieties food is served daily at the school? The food served at Danville High School is a mixture between traditional and nontraditional foods. We have anywhere from pizza, to vegetable stir fry, and lasagna to grilled chicken. With so many demands for healthier foods, Becki says that she tries to limit the sweets that are served at the lunches and try to push more students to have fruits and vegetables. She said that they leave a lot of options for students to each fruits and vegetables by having a bunch of pre-prepared foods at the beginning of the lunch line. 2. What are the students options for breakfast? Students have an option if they want breakfast. The breakfast is only open from 88:30 in the mornings and served through a Warrior Express line. They food line contains hot breakfasts such as sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits, pancakes, or French toast sticks. There are also pop tarts, muffins, whole fruit and fruit cups available to eat. 3. What changes have been made to your food program in the last 3 years? In the last three years Danville has worked to incorporate more whole grain options for the students. Becki says that they make the spaghetti, lasagna, and chicken noodles with whole grain pasta now and that all the buns/bread served to the students are whole grain. They also have cut back on the ala carte foods that available to the students. She said that they encourage students to get extra helpings of the fruits and veggies but not the sweets. The ala carte items went from being candy bars and chocolate to baked chips and pretzels with some tasty treats left. Within the last year they are giving out more than the typical peas, corn, and salad with the lunches. They are starting to offer salads such as spinach strawberry salads, beans, sweet potato tots, and so much more. She said they try to make the foods students really love but with a healthier twist that many students arent even aware of. 4. What kinds of food and drinks are in the vending machines here at the school? They have just a few vending machines at the school. They no longer have a soda machine for the students to buy but they do have water and flavored waters to buy. They do have a food vending machine that has candy and chips in it but it is only turned on during after school hours. Becki says that there is a soda machine in the teachers lounge but students dont have access to it. 5. If you implemented a healthier lunch/breakfast program how would this affect the cost the children are paying? What about free/reduced lunch?

Traci Smith Dr. Farley 11/6/13 SHAC ASSIGNMENT Becki says that their school lunches already are on the healthier side compared to some schools and that the cost is a factor. Students pay $2.60 for lunch and adults pay $2.20 for lunch. She says that if more food options became available that cost more they would try to raise the prices slightly just to help cover the cost of the food. They dont want lunch prices to get to $3. The schools has a lot of students on the free/reduced lunch program because Danville is a small farm town and many people cant afford their students lunch. She said they would keep all the kids on it and still give them the same discount. Becki says that the free and reduced lunch program really helps out students but then the students have to pay full price for any other options they want. So basically, the students have to eat what is being served, which is typically healthy, and any additional food or sweets the kids want they have to pay for normally. 6. How can the healthy eating be taken home with the kids? Becki said that she is unaware of what the health class learns about but she tries to make sure that the students know what is healthy and what isnt. There is a certain time of the year that the FFA purchases fortune cookies and inside have fun facts about agriculture and healthy eating. She hopes that this will drive the students to take that information home. Becki said she wishes she could sit in on a class about nutrition to see what is being said about the proper foods to eat. Goal Statement: To improve the overall health and safety of the Shortridge students, staff, and surrounding community members by the year 2015. Objectives: Implement an afterschool nutrition and running/walking club for entire community by the fall of 2014 and have a regularly attendance rate of 20+ by the spring of 2015. Implement a safer environment around the track and school for students, staff, and community members by designing and constructing and new lighting system and a safety emergency button/telephone by the fall of 2014. Implement a health and nutrition case study into current math lessons while still meeting the state standards by the spring of 2014. Implement a plan for a family/emotional counselor to come into Shortridge Magnet School regularly to speak about family issues with students and community members who have the desire too use this option by the fall of 2014.

Traci Smith Dr. Farley 11/6/13 SHAC ASSIGNMENT Objective 1: Implement an afterschool running/walking club for the entire community. (Recruit people from the community to come speak on various physical and health education topics) Action: 1. Find someone to be in charge of the group. 2. Find a convenient time of availability for the track and ideal time for community members. 3. Advertise the running club to the school and community members. Resources: 1. Find a person who is fitness knowledgeable that would like to be in charge of the group during these meeting times. 2. The Shortridge Magnet School track 3. Funding for advertising throughout the community. Assessment: 1. The program will be assessed on the number of members that show up each week. The club should have many different school and community members show up to participate in this group. (example. The NIKE running club in New York City started with 15 members showing up each time and now they have 150+ people showing up for each session 2. The guest speaker aspect of the group will be assessed by asking the group members what they think of the speakers and learned something. (a survey or simple asking of a few members what they though will suffice) Standards 6, 7, and 8 Objective 2: Implement a safer environment around the track and school. (Lighting and a safety emergency button/telephone) Action: 1. Meet with the IPS safety coordinator to decide on the best location for a safety emergency button/telephone combination. 2. Contact different companies about the cost and possibility of having these items installed.

Resources: 1. Money to construct a new lighting system around the school and a safety emergency button/telephone combination. 2. A company to come in and construct these features.

Traci Smith Dr. Farley 11/6/13 SHAC ASSIGNMENT

Assessment: 1. A survey to see if people like the new lighting situation around the school and to see if they feel safer around the school and track area. Standards 1 and 7 Objective 3: Implement a case study into a current math lessons about the calories and other important aspects of nutrition while still meeting the standards. Action: 1. Contact the math department head and teachers to make sure they will be willing to do this in their classes. 2. Come up with different lessons that will be taught in the classes. 3. Contact the head lunch lady to find a full week of meals items for the classes to use. Resources: 1. Cooperative school faculty to help implement this into the classes. 2. A weeklong meal plan from the cafeteria workers. Assessment: 1. Have students fill out a survey asking students if they learnt anything during this course lesson. 2. Teachers can look at the students work to see if the students are making the connection between the nutrition and health aspects and the math portion. Standards 2, 3, and 4 Objective 4: Implement for a counselor to come into the school regularly to speak about family issues with students and have a certain time where the community members can come in to speak too. Action: 1. Find a family/emotional counselor to come into the school. 2. Find a classroom that the counselor can use.

Traci Smith Dr. Farley 11/6/13 SHAC ASSIGNMENT 3. Set up times that are accessible for the students, community members, and counselor to come into the school. Resources: 1. A family/emotional counselor that is willing to come into Shortridge during the week. 2. A classroom that is open for use during the school week. 3. Funding to hire a counselor to come into the school. 4. Funding to advertise throughout the community Assessment: 1. Look at the number of students and community members who come in to the school to use this service during the school day and the after school times. 2. Survey the people who come into use the counselor to see if the services were helpful and beneficial to the members. Standards 4 and 8 Works Cited Center for Disease Control. (2011). Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System: Selected 2011 National Health Risk Behaviors and Health Outcomes by Sex . Retrieved September 12, 2013, from Center for Disease Control: Children Health Data. (2007). Indiana State Fact Sheet. Retrieved September 12, 2013, from Children Health Data: El Shabazz, M. (2013, October 25). SHAC Interview. (J. Stevens, Interviewer) Gibbs, B. (2013, October 25). SHAC Interview. (T. Smith, Interviewer) Hamilton, J. (2013, October 17). SHAC Interview. (A. Collier, Interviewer) Hunter, B. (2013, October 20). SHAC Interview. (Z. Beam, Interviewer) Jefferson, T. (2013). Search Quotes. Retrieved September 12, 2103, from Search Quotes: Thomas Jefferson: Sultzer, T. (2013, October 15). SHAC Interview. (B. Obert, Interviewer) Tucker, L. (2013, October 11). SHAC Interview . (M. Gross, Interviewer) Ward, D. (2013, October 13). SHAC Interview. (M. Dunn, Interviewer) Yelp. (2013). New York City Run Club - Midtown East - New York,NY. Retrieved November 6, 2013, from