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Dear External Reviewer, My name is Phillip Ketcham, a Senior Spanish major pursuing a teacher certification in secondary education for

graduation in December 2014. I have recently completed a student teaching internship with Ms. Heather Wood at Mountain Brook High School during which I developed and implemented a 10 day unit entitled Trabajo y communidad, for tenth grade Advanced Spanish III students. I am currently student teaching at Pizitz Middle School, dividing my time between a sixth grade Spanish Unified Arts classroom, a seventh grade Spanish I classroom, and an eighth grade Spanish I classroom. These two placements are the capstone to a fulfilling run of clinical experiences with the Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education. My Samford clinical experiences have provided the opportunity to observe numerous schools in the Birmingham area. As a result, my university experience has been rich with opportunities to engage with a variety of school-aged children and to learn from top educators. It is my hope that you are able to trace the significance of these experiences through the quality of the work I now present to you.

The web address that you have been provided will take you directly to my electronic portfolio. Here you will find the following artifacts and documents among others: a resume, philosophy of education, photographs of my relevant experiences, reflective pieces, the two-week unit I developed and have recently finished teaching at Mountain Brook High School, one video clip of my student teaching experience, as well as an assortment of older artifacts from my earlier classes in the program. Under the Student Teaching tab, you will see a Teaching Unit Abstract and this is the Pre-Instructional Phase of my unit. You will find my Instructional Phase under the Teaching Unit tab and my reflections on the tab titled Teaching Unit Reflection also includes the final phase of my unit, the Post-Instructional as the reflection is embedded within this phase. You may find pictures and a reflection of my personal and professional growth by clicking the tab labeled, More. Should you have trouble in finding anything on my site, please get in touch with Dr. Freeman or myself. My email address is: Thank you in advance for the time and effort you invest toward the critique of my final project in the Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education. I value your feedback and look forward to receiving your evaluations of my work.


Phillip Clark Ketcham