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Brooke Showalter April 16th, 2014 READ 366 Martha Reish Literacy Assessment A Look into Andrea and

Literacy Andrea is a unique first grader at Wilson Elementary School. Although she seems to be shy at first, she usually warms up quickly to anyone around her. She tends to struggle with Math and Reading the most during first grade but excels in Science especially. She also participates in the lowest reading group of first grade. Andrea was pulled each Monday morning during read-to self-time in order to complete this literacy assessment. This assessment consisted of several parts beginning with story retelling, spelling, words in isolation task, and level c, f, and h readings. Andrea was anxious to be pulled aside and work on her assessment each morning. Andrea was pulled aside from read-to-self time the morning of Monday March 24th, 2014. Here she was told to listen carefully to the story Billy Goats Gruff and pay close attention to the pictures within the mini book. After she heard the story twice, the retelling was modeled with paper cut-outs of the characters and the bridge from the story. Then after the modeling, Andrea took over the cut-outs and retold the story on her own. First it was hard for Andrea to begin the retelling. After being prompted several times, Andrea began retelling the story beginning with episode 1. The prompting helped her to begin, though once she began, Andrea told the rest of the story on her own. Through her retelling, the strongest portion was the sequencing of episodes 1-3 and the resolution. During episode 2 she mentioned tasty instead of delicious which she used in the other episodes. She described the

resolution word for word according to the book. The weakest points of her retelling were the setting and characters, the story problem, and the reaction of the characters. The story problem was shown but never told whereas she never referred to the setting and characters or the reaction to the characters at any point in her retelling. Andrea received a 0 for the portions of setting and characters and also reaction of the characters since she never referred to either of these sections. She then received a 1 for the story problem because she showed the problem with her cut-outs but never verbalized. Lastly, Andrea received a 3 on the portions for sequence of major events and also the resolution since she fully explained each of these parts. Each portion was worth up to 3 points total. All portions added to a total of 7 out of 15. Her score places her in the 5-8 Early category meaning that she is showing signs of beginning to develop strategies for retelling stories but just isnt quite ready to retell a full story on her own. Andrea was pulled once again on Monday morning of March 31st. She was asked to spell 10 different words and correctly write each word on the paper given. Each word was read twice and also used in a short sentence. The sounds for each word were not elongated. Each word would then be scored individually according to initial constant, final constant, short vowel, blends and digraphs, long vowel, and correct word. Andrea struggled the most with the words that consisted on long vowel sounds and also the blend of tr. The first four words she was asked to spell were van, pet, rug, and sad. Each of these words has an initial constant, final constant and short vowel. Andrea correctly spelled each of these four words resulting in a total of 4 out of 4 points for each word. The next word was plum. This word consisted of the sections listed for the first four words along with the blend of pl.

Again, Andrea correctly spelled this word for a total of 5 out of 5 points. Next, she was asked to spell chip. This word was also spelled correctly on her sheet resulting in a 4 out of 4 points. This word did not consist of an initial vowel like the first few rather this word was only scored on final constant, short vowel, and blend. The next two words were scored according to final constant, blend, and long vowel. The words she was asked to spell were shine and skate. Andrea left off of the e on both of these words. For these two words she scored a 2 out of a possible 4 points each. Then the last words were float and treat each only scoring on blends and long vowels, float was also scored on the initial constant. Andrea missed the a in float resulting in a score of 2 out of 4 points possible and completely misspelled treat spelling it as chret. Andrea received a 0 out of 3 points for the word treat. In the end, Andrea scored a total of 31 out of a possible 40 points on her spelling assessment portion equal to a percentage of 77.5. After spelling, Andrea was asked to twenty words in each category of preprimer, primer, first, and second. According to how many words she read correctly in each list, told what she should be assessed on next. For the preprimer list, Andrea read a total of 19 out of 20 words. She read the word green as grin missing the double es in the word. Then she was asked to read the primer list of words. She correctly read 11 out of the total of 20 words. The words that were read incorrectly as another word were as follows: ride=read, find=fed, new=now, saw=sow, need=ned, could=cold, may-my. Andrea was not able to read the words window and water at all. Since she correctly read 11 words Andrea was supposed to go on to reading the level f story of Max. The directions were read incorrectly so Andrea began reading Sam the following Monday. Monday April 7th, Andrea was taken into the hallway and asked to read the story Sam. The title was read to Andrea and a picture walk through was demonstrated before she began reading. Andrea correctly read this story omitting the word big on the second page and reading

the word goes as dogs on the last page. She scored a total of 28 out of 30 or a percentage of 93. After completing the first story, Andrea was asked to read Max which is a level F reading book. Again, the title was read to her and a picture walkthrough was demonstrated. Andrea read very slowly this time. She read huge as hug, take as tug, and bed as blanket. Andrea first read sees as says and then decided to self-correct. Lastly, she completely omitted the word knows. With all of this said, Andrea scored a total of 67 points of a possible 72 and a percentage of 94. It is hard for Andrea to read words with long vowel sounds such as huge. Long vowels are something that Mrs. Moran has not worked on much with her students yet this year. Lastly, Andrea was pulled one last time on the morning of Monday April 21st, to read a level H book titled Playing Soccer. The title was once again read to her and the picture walkthrough was demonstrated. Andrea did not start off very strong when reading this book. She actually had 5 mistakes on the very first page missing the words Joshua, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Tigers. It was interesting that Andrea missed two days of the week when this is something that is reviewed in her class every day. One of these mistakes she did self-correct herself on the word practice. On page 2, Andrea read dad as did. She re-read the third line because she knew that did was not sounding right in when she read the sentence. Though when she re-read the sentence a second time, she still said did. On page 2, she had a total of 4 mistakes, other than misreading the word did, there were three words which she did not know Brady, dollar, and scores. On page 3, Andrea was reading quicker but still missed the words Joshua, scored, helped, and goal. She also omitted the word the on this page. Andrea was beginning to read ahead of herself. She also read last as lets. The last page contained 5 reading errors. She missed the words fair, isnt, going, talk, and Brady. She also read Im as am. Towards the end of the book, Andrea was reading to get done not to really help herself. She was

reading fast and making several errors that she shouldnt have. Overall Andrea correctly read 102 words out of a total of 123. This gave her a percentage of 82.9 which is considered to be a frustration level book. Andrea is placed in the beginner developmental stage after completing this literacy assessment. She is working on developing fluency when reading and is reading within the level D-H books. Andrea is a student who still cannot yet read to herself quietly during read-to-self time each morning. She was also able to complete the spelling portion of this literacy assessment. Her words were easily read and she wrote left to right as she is supposed to on a page. Through this assessment Andrea was asked to do several guided readings where she was introduced to the story then asked to read aloud on her own. The first two books titled Sam and Max were easy for her to read while the book Playing Soccer was on her frustration level. Andrea does seem to have concept of word though she was not tested on a section specifically on this, she was able to prove when reading the other stories by pointing to words as she reads them left to right. Andrea was also able to retell the Billy Goats Gruff story at the very beginning of the assessment. There were some components missing to the retelling but she most definitely proved that she is off to a good start with retelling stories. As far as recommendations for teaching Andrea, there are several places which she needs to work on. For Andrea is it important to continue developing her fluency while reading. She needs to continue to build Primer site words such as the ones listed for the words in isolation task. Another area of importance would be to begin working with her on long vowel sounds. It seems as if she can read and write words correctly that have short vowels, now it is time to introduce long vowels within the classroom. Something else that Andrea needs to work on is

using strategies herself to figure out new words such as finding a smaller word with a larger word or breaking down the word herself.