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862 COBB HILL RD BOZEMAN MT 59718 406-595-6855 Montana State University

Girls Gymnastics Coach 2005 - Present Lone Mountain Gymnastics 1237 North Rouse Avenue
Coaching requires constant assessment of each gymnast individually. This has taught me how to meet each child where they are at and how to provide the skills they need supplemented with both support and motivation to help them be their very best.

Teacher Aide 2007 Early Learning Center 4310 Durston Rd

This experience taught me the importance of classroom management and consistency. These two components were not strong points of this facility and I saw the repercussions firsthand. Working with Pre-K through early Elementary ages helped me gain perspective on early childhood development.

Team Teacher 2010-2011 E-free Church of Bozeman 1701 South 19th Avenue
Teaching cooperatively is wonderful if done correctly. I had the privilege to work with an energetic individual who was as passionate as I was about making our content come alive and our lessons memorable.

Summer Nanny/Babysitter 2006-2011 Denise Anderson

Its always fascinating to see how much kids grow and change from year to year. This was not merely a job for me, but a time to build meaningful relationships; I hope to be a positive role model in their lives for years to come.

Student Teacher, Anderson School Spring 2014 Sandy Wilson

I consider the time I am spending in Sandys classroom to be one of the most influential, positive experiences during my college career. She has helped me apply all the things I have been learning on campus to the classroom seamlessly. Everyday I learn something significant that I want to take with me as I grown into my own teaching style.

Skills & Qualities

Communicative Natural Leader Organized Computer Proficient Dedicated Attention to Detail

Flexible Creative

Diligent Engaging

Attended MEA conference Fall 2013 Intruder/Self Defense Training Spring 2014 Love and Logic Spring 2014 Read Naturally Training (Reading Intervention Program) 2014 Experience in a model RTI school (Anderson School) Experience with Common Core Curriculum -Journeys Experience with Smarter Balance assessment preparation

BHS Honors Diploma 2010 Montana State University, Graduating May 2014 Elementary Education K-8 Accomplishments: Mentors for Monforton (BigBrothersBigSisters) 2008-2009 Presidential Leadership Award 2005 Practicum Experience, Emily Dickenson Elementary, May 2013

Josh Burnham or Suzie Turczyn, Lone Mountain Gymnastics (587-1180) Kelly Kruger, Youth Pastor (570-8715) Sandy Kline (406)570-8318 Denise Anderson (539-0135) Kenje Fehlberg, Efree Church (539-2398)