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IET 319 Quality Control Course Syllabus SPRING 2014 Instructor: r! "ans C#a$%an Department of Applied Engineering and Technology College of Science and Technology Morehead State University
Course escri$tion IET 319 !ality Control" #3$%$3&' I( II" Designed to provide analytical and statistical inference techni)!es for process and prod!ct control" St!dents *ill learn ho* to perform )!ality control !sing mathematical tools *ith a foc!s on statistical methods" T*o ma+or areas of Statistical !ality Control( on *hich st!dent *ill e,tensively *or- on are Statistical .rocess Control and Control Charts" /!rthermore( St!dents *ill !nderstand the mission of a !ality Improvement as part of !ality Ass!rance and Total !ality Management" Instructor Dr" 0ans Chapman 311C 2loyd Cassity 3!ilding Morehead State University Tel4 #1%1&$563$9339 E$mail4 h"chapman7moreheadstate"ed! U824 http499people"morehead$st"ed!9fs9h"chapman9 Class Ti%e: Internet 0y:rid #online for 3STM st!dents( for non$3STM st!dents( face$to$face sessions *ill :e arranged :y instr!ctor" /irst meeting on Monday ;an!ary <5 from =4%%.M to 14%%.M in 2loyd Cassity 3!ilding 8oom31>&" &''ice "ours: Mon" ? @ed4 1"%%.M A 3"%%.M T!e" ? Th!rs4 1%"%%AM A 1<4%%B

Re(uire) Te*tboo+ 3esterfield( D" 0" #<%13&" Quality Improvement #9th Ed"&( .earson' IS3B4 956%13<1<==11" Course &b,ecti-es 14 Demonstrate general !nderstanding of )!ality improvement and management principles and practices" ./ssesse) by iscussion 0oar) 1 an) /ssi1n%ent 12! <4 Understand and apply the tools of the statistical process control4 .areto diagram( chec- sheets( process flo* diagram( and scatter diagram" ./ssesse) by iscussion 0oar) 23 /ssi1n%ent 23 an) E*a% 12! 34 Understand the f!ndamentals of statistics4 meas!res of central tendency and dispersion and the normal distri:!tion" ./ssesse) by iscussion 0oar) 33 /ssi1n%ent 33 E*a% 13 an) 4inal

E*a%2! =4 Develop control charts for varia:les !sing e)!ations and MIBITA3 soft*are" ./ssesse) by /ssi1n%ent 4 an) 53 E*a% 23 Grou$ Pro,ect3 an) 4inal E*a%2! >4 Develop different types of control charts for attri:!tes !sing e)!ations and MIBITA3 soft*are" ./ssesse) by /ssi1n%ent 63 E*a% 23 an) 4inal E*a%2! 14 Understand the concept of pro:a:ility and relia:ility" ./ssesse) by iscussion 0oar)s 7 an) 83 /ssi1n%ents 7 an) 83 an) 4inal E*a%2! Course Re(uire%ents 1" &nline Personal In'or%ation 0lo14 St!dents are to complete their personal information :log in 3lac- :oard" Instr!ctions for this assignment *ill :e posted :y the second *ee-" The d!e for this assignment *ill :e anno!nced :y the instr!ctor" <" iscussion 0oar)4 St!dents are re)!ired to participate constr!ctively in all disc!ssion :oard activities in order to earn the points assigned for disc!ssion :oard activities" At the :eginning of each *ee-( the instr!ctor *ill inform st!dents of the d!e dates for disc!ssion :oard" Bo posts to the disc!ssion :oard *ill :e accepted after the anno!nced d!e date" There is no ma-e$!p for disc!ssion :oard activities" 3" In)i-i)ual /ssi1n%ents: Each st!dent *ill :e re)!ired to s!:mit *ee-ly individ!al assignments that *ill :e posted :y the instr!ctor" Each individ!al assignment m!st :e s!:mitted on the specified d!e date" There *ill :e one grading scale ded!ction from the assignment total grade for each delay *ee- after the d!e date" Sho!ld a st!dent need to miss an assignment( the instr!ctor m!st :e cons!lted :eforehand" MSUCs e,c!sed a:sences fall into five categories4 1& University sponsored activities' <& St!dent9family illness9death' 3& Military o:ligations' =& ;!ry d!ty or s!:poena for co!rt appearances( or >& Ma+or religio!s holidays" =" E,ams4 T#ere 9ill be t9o .22 e*a%s )urin1 t#e se%ester an) a 4IN/: E;/<! T#ere 9ill be no %a+eu$ e*a%s! T#ere is no substitute 'or any e*a%s! S#oul) a stu)ent nee) to %iss an e*a%3 t#e instructor %ust be consulte) be'ore#an)! &t#er9ise3 it is not acce$te) an) t#e stu)ent 9ill not recei-e any cre)it 'or t#at e*a%! MSUCs e,c!sed a:sences fall into five categories4 1& University sponsored activities' <& St!dent9family illness9death' 3& Military o:ligations' =& ;!ry d!ty or s!:poena for co!rt appearances( and >& Ma+or religio!s holidays" >" Grou$ Pro,ects: Each team *ill :e assigned a )!ality improvement tas- as a gro!p pro+ect" All teams *ill complete their assigned pro+ects and present their *or- in class #online&" There is no s!:stit!te for gro!p pro+ects" N&TE: St!dents are re)!ired to participate in all class activities( incl!ding disc!ssion :oard( assignments( e,ams( and pro+ects" E-aluation Activity .oints Sylla:!s !iD 1% .ersonal Information 3log <% Class .articipation #Disc!ssion 3oard& 1%% @ee-ly Assignments #6& 3%% Fro!p .ro+ects 1%% E,ams #<& <%% /inal E,am <>% Electronic .ortfolios <% Total Note: .ercentage 1E <E 1%E 3%E 1%E <%E <>E <E

1000 100= 9%$1%%E G A' 6%$69E G 3' 5%$59E G C' 1%$19E G D' 3elo* 1%E G E

/C/ E<IC "&NEST>

Cheating( fa:rication( plagiarism or helping others to commit these acts *ill not :e tolerated" Academic dishonesty *ill res!lt in severe disciplinary action incl!ding( :!t not limited to( fail!re of the st!dent assessment item or co!rse( and9or dismissal from MSU" If yo! are not s!re *hat constit!tes academic dishonesty( read The Eagle4 St!dent 0and:oo- or as- yo!r instr!ctor" The policy is located at4 /or e,ample4 Copying information from the Internet is plagiarism if appropriate credit is not given" P&:IC> 'or /CC&<<& /TING ST? ENTS 9it# IS/0I:ITIES .rofessional staff from MSU Academic Services Center #ASC& coordinates efforts to address accessi:ility needs and class accommodations *ith instr!ctors of st!dents *ho have learning or physical disa:ilities" /ac!lty *ill cooperate *ith the ASC staff to accommodate the needs of st!dents ta-ing departmental co!rses" C/<P?S S/4ET> ST/TE<ENT Emergency response information *ill :e disc!ssed in class" St!dents sho!ld familiariDe themselves *ith the nearest e,it ro!tes in the event evac!ation :ecomes necessary" Ho! sho!ld notify yo!r instr!ctor at the :eginning of the semester if yo! have special needs or *ill re)!ire assistance d!ring an emergency evac!ation" St!dents sho!ld familiariDe themselves *ith emergency response protocols at ***"moreheadstate"ed!9emergency" C&NTINGENC> P:/N In case of emergency that may impact classes( st!dents are e,pected to contact 3lac-:oard for an anno!ncement :y the instr!ctor"


Q?/:IT> C&NTR&: .IET 3192


@EEA 1 B 2 Date Topic9Activity Chapter Date @EEA 3 B 4 Topic9Activity Chapter

%1913 Syllabus an) Course Intro)uction C#! 13 2 Sylla:!s !iD and .ersonal 3log .age assigned %19<% Si* Si1%a Sylla:!s !iD d!e D3 1 and 0@ 1 assigned .<:A ay: <on! Canuary 202 C#! 3

%19<5 Statistical Process Control .SPC2 C#! 4 .ersonal 3log .age d!e( 0@ 1 d!e D3 < and 0@ < and D3 < assigned %<9%3 4un)! &' Statistics 0@ < d!e D3 3 and 0@ 3 assigned C#! 5

%<91% 0@ 3 d!e %<915

@EEA 5 B 6 E;/< 1 .@e)! 4eb! 122 Section 8EIIE@ D3 = assigned

@EEA 7 B 8 %<9<= Control C#art 'or Dariables C#! 6 D3 > and 0@ = #MIBITA3 soft*are& assigned %39%3 /))itional SPC Tec#ni(ues 'or Dariables C#! 7 0@ = d!e 0@ > #MIBITA3 soft*are& assigned

@EEJ 9 ? 1%
%391% Control C#art 'or /ttributes 0@ > d!e D3 1 and 0@ 1 assigned C#! 9

@EEJ 11 ? 1<
%39<= E;/< 2 .@e)! <ar! 262 Fro!p .ro+ect Assignment %3931 4un)a%entals o' Probability D3 5 and 0@ 5 assigned C#! 8

%3915 S.C 8evie* 0@ 1 d!e .S$rin1 0rea+: <on! 03E17 F 4ri! 03E212

@EEA 13 B 14 %=9%5 Reliability 0@ 5 d!e D3 6 and 0@ 6 assigned %=91= Fro!p .ro+ect Update 0@ 6 d!e Electronic .ortfolio assignment

C#! 11

@EEA 15 B 16 %=9<1 4inal Grou$ Pro,ect Presentations %=9<6 Course &-er-ie9 #8evie* for /inal E,am& Electronic .ortfolios d!e

0@ G 0ome*or- D3 G Disc!ssion 3oard F. G Fro!p .ro+ect 4inal E*a%: Tues)ay <ay 63 2014 N&TE: T#is syllabus is sub,ect to c#an1e at t#e )iscretion o' t#e instructor to acco%%o)ate stu)ent an)Eor instructional nee)s!