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CLD 10502, PRINCIPLES OF CHEMICAL PROCESS Assignment 2 CLB 10502, Principles of Chemical Process Name: ID.


1. Write down the general material balance in words for a process in which reaction occurs 2. What terms of the general material balance equation, can be deleted if a. The process is known to be steady state process b. The process is carried out inside a closed vessel c. The process does not involve a chemical reaction 3. A liquid mixture of benzene(B) and toluene(T) contains 40 % toluene by mass. A portion of the mixture is vaporized to yield a vapor containing 70% benzene and residual containing 10 % benzene by mass. Assume the process is carried out continuously and at steady state with feed is 1000 kg/hr. Let QV (kg/hr) to be at the top product and QL at bottom product. Draw process flow diagram and determine QV and QL in unit of kg/hr. 4. Draw the flow diagram for bypass stream and recycle stream and why we have to consider the buildup of material in recycle streams in this chapter. 5. State the benefit of recycle and bypass stream