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Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

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Journal for Aurasma Practicum Project

Klara Alexandra Esposito M.A in Education & Technology Spring 2014 Florida Gulf Coast University

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Dr. Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

January 13-17, 2014

Monday, 13: Currently for my internship with Dr. Kenny I am deleting a massive amount of dead usernames off of his WordPress site, . It has been a tedious amount of work to complete but I feel that if I continue at a steady pace, that this will be completed by the end of this week or early next week. Dr. Kennys website, is a great website that allows students and users to gather information about books through a flash program called Flickr. The Flickr is a photo sharing website that takes social networking into the next level of technology and education. The website, also showcases particular books and also suggests certain reading materials for students. Also there has been talk about book trailers that will soon be used or interconnected for a mobile application device. I am not sure on how this mobile device will be connected to books or book covers, but I have much interest in any technology that deals with social media and maintaining an interactive connection between students and teachers. Thursday, 16: It is taking longer than I thought to finish deleting over 3,000 student usernames that were either fake or dead accounts on the website. I spend about 23 hours a day at work when having free time. I feel that searching for the users is the most tedious part about this assignment. It is a monotonous process but necessary for the beginning stages of the real project that is going to begin. Friday, 17: At this time I have no idea what is the next level of the internship, I have just been able to finish the process of cleaning up the users on the website, so I am having some concerns on the upcoming project. Especially with working full time and still enrolled in another course for the graduate program, I am finding myself worried about becoming over whelmed. But I am prevalent and determined to do a good job and to plow through the remaining requirements of my M.A.

January 20-24, 2014

Monday, 20: As of yesterday I have been presented with project #2. As Dr. Kenny described it in the email it is, essentially a QR code on steroids. You can insert a photo that acts like a 'trigger' and when you take a photo of it on your smart phone it will do something. The first this that comes to mind is to play the trailer when someone snaps a picture of the book cover. Now is could be the actual book physically placed in the library or a picture of it off the screen We will
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Dr. Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

have to play with it to see because our representative book cover may not be the one that actually resides in the library. So, play with it and see if you can make it work. Download one or two book covers and related videos. First get the video to play on your phone.. Then we can decide what other cool stuff could be used for. Tuesday, 21: I have downloaded the application onto my phone and have begun to play around with the application. I have been able to download my bosss NY Times Bestseller, Clients First. I have not been able to get a video successfully downloaded with it because every time I do it forces a foreclosure. I have been able to have the book cover become a trigger photo and then an underlying picture of business card to show. I am still trying to figure it out but at this point I am getting frustrated with the application. Thursday, 23: I've played around with it, took a photo of some class books and made some silly animations on it, but I have still tried to download videos or follow users in the education and technology fields, such as NASA for the classroom, but all it does is give me options to either follow or like. So I am having some difficulty understanding exactly what you to do with it. It has a lot of features so I am still messing around with it. I was able to take a picture of my car steering wheel and have a clown car drive around in a little animation to the picture, other than that I cannot get video to play after a trigger picture has been recognized. January 27-31, 2014 Monday, 27: I was having a lot of difficulty trying to figure out whether or not a certain symbol that is required for the mobile application to play an underlining video, such as the A symbol for Aurasma, but now I am beginning to understand the issue with this mobile application. It is a new mobile application so there are a lot of bugs with it still. Friday, 31: Last week I played around with Aurasma application a little bit more and I am realizing that this has a lot of potential in the business and marketing world. I just took a picture of the book cover of my bosss second book that is coming out in March, "Super Agent." The trigger picture for the book is Super Agent logo, and then the full book appears. For my business card the trigger picture is the "Those Callaways" logo. I think there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the classroom with this application. One idea that would be really fun is an educational scavenger hunt, for example: a teacher, professor, or educator could take photos of certain books that pertain to the lesson or course. The trigger pictures are the book cover with the title and the hidden video could be the educator describing the book or giving answers to bonus questions on exams. This could be used for science courses also. Certain pictures of plants could be the trigger picture and the video hidden behind it could be the educator or a speaker discussing the genus of the plant. I have not mastered the video, only the pictures and trigger pictures on the application. I am still messing
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Dr. Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

around with it when I get spare moments.

February 3-7, 2014 Monday, 3: Today I am researching more about the actual mobile application. I have done research and have found various YouTube videos of teachers giving examples of how they have used Aurasma within the classroom and the success that they have had behind. Unfortunately I am still having difficulty of getting a video to play. Every time I try to download or upload an underlying video, the mobile application goes into error and forces a shutdown. Thursday, 6: Today I have spent a monument of time on researching why I am not able to record videos on the mobile application, Aurasma. I have done research and have found more teachers applying the mobile application within the classroom and have decided to write a discussion assignment for my other graduate course with Dr. Stork about it. Here is the submitted assignment with links to videos of Aurasma that are being used successfully in the classroom: Describe how you believe this digital tool will impact student learning. How can this digital tool improve student engagement? Why is this digital tool useful in an e-learning environment? What are some examples of this tool being used successfully? Aurasma is already a leading tool used in education. It is an interactive and innovational tool that is being used in various educational levels. It is the epitome of what an interactive and innovational tool is for the educational system. Some would say that it is a SMART board turned mobile application. This device has opened the gate for all levels of learning and has even raised interest in the Educational and Technology department at Florida Gulf Coast University. Dr. Kenny, Chairman of the Leadership & Technology College of Education department at Florida Gulf Coast University, has much interest in, Aurasma is an HP Autonomy's augmented reality platform, available as an SDK or as a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This mobile application is used often for educational purposes and one idea is being used for book covers and book trailers, connecting the very two different bridges of media; concrete material and digital. The mobile application/software can be used to recognize a book covers. After the software recognizes the picture or book cover it is now seen as a trigger photo in the program. After the trigger photo (book cover) has been read, it then proceeds to play an underlying book trailer video. This tool is viewed as useful because it demands interest, interactivity and creativity in the classroom. This innovational way of teaching allows an educator to provide interest for their students. Being able to hold your mobile phone or device up to a book cover, then having an underlying video play a trailer (or any video) expands the achievement for true interactivity. There are many ways to use Ausuma in an educational sense, from a class scavenger hunts for exams, math, flashcards, vocabulary to specifics on science; the possibilities are endless with this new innovation mobile tool;

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Dr. Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

Aurasma Twitter: Aurasma used in Mathematics: Aurasma used in Vocabulary: YTxM&app=desktop Aurasma used in book covers and video trailers: Friday, 7: I have finally been able to add video to trigger pictures in the Aurasma mobile application, but it only plays 6 second videos. I tried recording something closer to a minute and when adding it to the mobile application it caused a force shutdown once again. I was capable of using a badge from my work with my name on it as a trigger picture and when the trigger picture recognized the badge then a video of me smiling began to play. Once again, it only worked when a very short, 6 second video was uploaded. Here is a picture of being doing this at work:

February 10-14, 2014 Monday, 10: There has been an issue with getting longer videos to play after the trigger picture has been recognized. I was only able to get a 6 second video to play after the trigger picture was recognized, but this is a problem for the book trailers that Dr. Kenny wants to play after the book
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Dr. Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

cover picture trigger has been recognized. I have done some research on the issue on the actual website since it has been difficult to get a hold of anyone over at Aurasma on the phone. I found this information on their discussion post. This is what I found on the actual website about video time on their community question page: Length of Video Aurasma Support US posted this on Jan 31 13:20 inShar Originally from ticket #12686. I am trying to create book review using Aurasma and wanted to know how long a video can be that I can link to the image. I tried a 4 minute book review and the app said it was too long. Answer: Hi Dawn, We recommend between 30 seconds to one minute. If you have a long video that is hosted on a website, for example, Youtube, you can always use the action 'single tap' to 'load URL' and you can put in the web address of wherever your video is hosted and someone can watch it in our web browser. Otherwise, I would definitely say under 2 minutes, but we see user engagement is highest when videos are under 1 minute. It also needs to be less than 100MB. Best, Support Wednesday, 12: I am still trying to get in contact with one of the support teams over there to see if there is any way to add more time or MB to the videos, possibly an external upload drive? I am not getting any responses and so far I believe that the longest that is allowed for the video upload is 2 minutes, but even so, I have not even been able to accomplish uploading anything more than 6 seconds. It is becoming very frustrating and I am beginning to think that this is an actual bug within the mobile application, or because of my storage that has already been used on my own mobile device.

February 17-21, 2014

Monday, 17: Today was a fun day. I decided to create a small experiment of my own and take advantage of the various flowers left over from Valentines Day in the office. What I did was that I took a picture of 4 different flowers. The picture of the flower became the trigger picture in

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Dr. Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

the Aurasma mobile application. I told 3 of my co workers to download the application and create a user name and profile when they had a free moment (we get a lot of free moments at our work, luckily!) Anyway, I went into the back bathroom and recorded myself saying the genus of the flower while holding it. Then I told each of the three co workers to go to the vases that had post it notes with written numbers on it, 1, 2, 3 and 4. I told them to hold up their phone while having the Aurasma application open. When holding it up to the correct flower, the trigger picture was recognized and initiated the underlying 8 second video of me holding the flower and saying the flower genus. Tori, Robin and Heather, my co workers, thought it was a cool idea and a great technological tool for the classroom! Here are photos from the Tiger Lily Lesson. The flower is the trigger picture and the video explains the genus of the flower:

Friday, 21: I have been watching the website and recently and it has added information that over 140 book trailers have been uploaded. I was able to record up to a minute during a second flower trial yesterday. So it is good to know that the mobile application, Aurasma is growing within technology and education. On there is information on how to upload and submit your book trailor:
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Dr. Robert Kenny; Esposito 2014

Once you become a registered subscriber, you can request that we post your trailers on this site.

The trailers will be accepted into one of two categories: 1. For those that fit all the criteria spelled out in our conception of a digital booktalks, will be uploaded to our main site as Student Contributions and so noted on each page. 2. For those that either a- do not include live action scenes or b- are not copyright free will be placed on our Newbies Corner Page. In both cases we will review your video for appropriateness, copyrights etc. and make a decision (usually within 36-48 hours). Click here for a rubric/evaluation criteria that we use to evaluate your trailer. We do this so that you can have a place to safely post your work that will not be prohibited by the firewall at your school. Please note that we assume you are taking responsibility for controlling copyright issues with your trailers. Please understand that we would have to remove the posting, should we be notified of a violation. Thanks in advance for understanding. Enjoy! Submitting your Request Uploading the trailer is a three -step process: 1. First you need to subscribe and log in. 2. Normally when you log in, you are taken to the lesson plans page. Return to this page the area under the divider bar below show a link to the Submission Request. 3. Submit the request, and we will review the trailer. If appropriate, we will send you an email with upload instructions.

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