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Toukatly, Troy English 1101-68 Rebecca Agosta November 18, 201 !

ibrary "iscourse #ommunity Ethnogra$hy As the to$ic o% choosing a &iscourse community, my library stu&y grou$ came into min&' "iscussing an& analy(ing library stu&y habits, an& )ays o% communication )ithin a grou$ intereste& me' Reasoning behin&, my interest in )ays o% obtaining kno)le&ge in &i%%erent )ays' * s$en& most o% my time at college in the library since atten&ing the +niversity o% North #arolina at #harlotte' Not only &i& * choose this to$ic to analy(e my uncertainty in the communication an& habits, but also %or %uture learning on &i%%erent )ays to ma,imi(e my e&ucation' Through the analy(ation o% t)o or more hours, * learne& -uite a bit o% in%ormation about my &iscourse community' * base& my research o%% o% .)ales )riting on &iscourse community' /e state& that ones shoul& ac-uire si, basic conce$ts' *nclu&ing, le,is, common goals, )ays o% communicating, *nsi&ers an& outsi&ers, interactions an& )hat )e &o things as a grou$ inclu&ing &ress an& ho) )e act' 0ithin our stu&y grou$ o% seven %rien&s, communication an& )ork lingere& %rom english $a$ers to chemistry' 0ithin our grou$ )e ha& t)o $eo$le )orking on chemistry home)ork, one )riting a english $a$er, t)o &oing math home)ork, one stu&ying %or a Art test, all )hile * stu&ie& habits' 1or the most $art, everyone )orke& in silence an& &i& sel% )ork, though occasionally )e ha& interru$tions' *nterru$tions consisting o% co%%ee breaks, ran&om chit-chatting, an& o% course -uestioning' 0hile one may seem like these interru$tions )oul& set back ones learning o% there s$eci%ic to$ic, it &i& not' Everyone )as on the same basis o% )hat they coul& take in at times, an& ha& enough res$ect %or each other to hel$ an& notice they

)ere not the only ones trying to get )ork &one' #ommunication )ithin the grou$ )as easily &iscovere& yet only reveale& i% someone $ays attention %or it' 0e have a grou$ that consists o% %rien&s, )hich bring a %orm o% com%ort, allo)ing %or cussing, an& occasional 2oking )ith each other, yet the e&ucation as$ect o% it' A -uote that * )rote &o)n )as, 3Troy ho) the hell &o you kno) the solubility rules, like ho) &o you learn these shits'4 This e,$laine& this conce$t o% com%ort yet trying to %urther e&ucate themselves because, normal outsi&ers )ithin the grou$ )oul& not cuss ran&omly, yet he is trying to ask a e&ucational -uestion' The chemistry insi&ers, Trent an& Eric, o%ten aske& mysel% -uestion, &ue to my initial kno)le&ge in chemistry' They aske&, ho) to &o s$eci%ic $roblems, inclu&ing moles, an& con%igurations, an& electronegativity' 5uestions that only )oul& be recogni(able to chemistry stu&ents' The )eir& thing about this &iscourse community, is that there )as not one s$eci%ic language use&, because there )ere &i%%erent classes involve& an& communities )ithin communities' English language consiste& o% the same ty$es o% language use& )ithin this $ro2ect %or &iscourse community, such as insi&ers an& outsi&ers, ethnogra$hy, sites an& situations, ect' A -uestion that )as aske& %rom my %rien& #arson to another member o% the grou$, 6aleb, )as 3 /o) )oul& you &eclare the language use&, like )hat &oes that even mean, like ho) )e talk or like like )hat74 This sho)e& me that one can be con%use& )ithin language, an& ho) things are a&&resse&' Though everyone kno)s )hat language is in general, language in a genre can mean &i%%erent things' 6aleb sai&, 3 *ts everything man 2ust ho) the interaction bet)een things are'4 E,actly )hat * )oul& have sai&' The girl stu&ying )ithin the grou$, .y&ney, )as kin&a o% too hersel%, an& )as not much o% the conversation, )hich gave me the conclusion that home)ork usually brings more conversation then stu&ying &oes' .tu&ying is less o% a &iscussion to$ic, mostly &ue to the %act that no one else )as in the same grou$ to no in%ormation on the to$ic' .he &i& ask -uestions like 3&o you kno)

this or &o you kno) that,4 but never ans)ere& )ith a smart an& in%ormational res$onse' 8ostly it consiste& o% 3nah4 or 3)hat is this gibberish you are talking about .y&'4 This bring me to my ne,t $oint, * %elt as i% that grou$ &i& not res$on& or talk in a %ormal an& $ro$er manner as )e use& )or&s like, 3nah4 an& 3scho thing'4 Normally, a grou$ )oul& have a basic conce$t o% talking, but our grou$ )as a grou$ o% &i%%erent genres' There )as not a set o% clothing or )ays o% &ressing one a&&resse& to, or a )ay o% looking to be a $art o% our library grou$' 9%ten )e got each other together through te,ting each other about going to the library o%ten )ith a room number to meet' 0e all are in a grou$ message through te,ting that )e communicate outsi&e o% the library in' This o%ten kee$s us in%orme& about times )e can meet an& hel$ each other' A%ter intervie)ing #arson, * gaine& a &ee$er un&erstan&ing o% )hat others may vie) the library grou$ as rather then 2ust mysel%' * gaine& a since o% mutuality, basically &ue to the similar vie)s' 0hen aske& 3/o) &o you think )e )ork as a grou$ com$are& to in&ivi&ual )ork7 "oes it hel$74 #arson re$lie&, 3*n&ivi&ual )ork is al)ays a goo& thing an& a goo& )ay to get )ork &one, but this grou$ is like )orking in&ivi&ually )ith a %amily o% hel$4:Ratcli%%;' 0e normally are silent an& &o )ork by ourselves, but he )as right )hen it comes to the %amily o% hel$' 8any $eo$le in the grou$ have been in classes or are in classes that each other take' 9%ten the material that is nee&e& %or a -uestion or a test, is &i%%erent then i% you searche& u$ your -uestion on the internet' /aving other $eo$le to ask an& communicate )ith can ma,imi(e your learning, an& ability to un&erstan&' "uring my stu&ying o% the grou$, * learne& that )e are han&-on learners, )hich come in han&y )hen trying to e,$lain theories an& reasonings to them' #arson sai& a%ter asking him i% he thought there )as a s$eci%ic lea&er an& he sai&,4 * am o% course, nah *<m 2oking * )oul&n<t say there is a lea&er, )e all ask -uestions an& &o our o)n things' 8aybe the right ans)er is everyone74 :Ratcli%%;' * )oul& &eclare the grou$ as a a normal stu&y grou$, 2ust

bet)een really goo& %rien&s, making it much easier to )ork together an& communicate' *ts not 2ust )ork, but can sometimes be en2oyable' Not having a set lea&er allo)s us to be more vocal an& s$eak )hat )e )ant )hen )e )ant' 3/o) cant really tell i% my gra&es have im$rove& or not because o% this stu&y grou$, though * can say * get a lot o% )ork &one an& * al)ays %eel better about material a%ter leaving the library4 )as the res$onse * got )hen asking i% he ha& notice& his gra&es im$roving:Ratcli%%;' Though others have &i%%erent $ers$ectives on learning an& )hat )orks %or )ho, * %eel as i% either i% he thinks it hel$s or it &oesn<t, it hel$e& something' *% you s$en& time on something, eventually it )ill stick' As a grou$, )e believe& that there )as not a set list o% rules' *nstea&, it )as 2ust kno)n to be -uiet an& res$ect )hat others )ere &oing an& allo) them to get there )ork &one' 0hen aske& i% there )as a set o% rules or gui&elines )ithin the grou$, #arson re$lie&, 3 No there isn<t, maybe 2ust &on<t bother $eo$le or &istract them )hen they are )orking har& to accom$lish something'4 The library grou$ )orks an& )hen asking him i% others shoul& a&a$t he sai& 3* %eel like a grou$ can really hel$ $eo$le )ith classes an& un&erstan&ing, but there are &i%%erent strokes %or &i%%erent %olks' *t )orks %or me, an& it seems us in general so thats all * shoul& really care about'4 1rom the notes * took * %eel as i% other got the same kin& o% vibes' .eeing others &oing the same things is common, though many $eo$le like to )ork alone' *ts a $re%erence that * %eel one ac-uires though e,$erience' .ome $eo$le learn better through sources like the internet, though others are inter$ersonal learners' *t )orks %or us, mainly &ue to us all be the same ty$e o% learners' * visuali(e& that everyone like& to )ork out $roblems, an& $ractice rather then guess or search u$ ho) to &o things' 0e all seem to be learners that like han&-on $ractice' *% one can %in& a grou$ o% similar learners then it &e%initely )orks, but i% one is a true outsi&er to the grou$ an& &oes not belong it can get annoying' 0hen stu&ying an& taking notes it )as )ith a grou$ o% %rien&s that are similar to me, though *ve ha& outsi&ers 2oin be%ore

that ha& to leave because they coul& not get there )ork &one )ithin the grou$' !anguage use& )ithin the grou$ like state& earlier, is un&e%ine&' =etting anothers $ers$ective on it )as im$ortant, an& )hen aske&, #arson state&, 38an honestly, )e have a )ay o% talking to each other as %rien&s, its like a very in%ormal an& humorous )ay, but * )oul& not say there is a s$eci%ic language use& )ithin our library grou$'4 As %rien&s )e talk in a )ay o% making %un o% each other an& using incom$lete statements, )hich is o%ten brought into the grou$' A common arti%act )e o%ten use& )ere notes' Everyone ha& a basic set o% gui&elines be%ore going into the library to )ork on material' The notes )ere o%ten the %irst choice to un&erstan& a -uestionable to$ic, though o%ten )e aske& each other any)ay' 8ost classes teach o%% o% notes rather then te,t books or in%ormation o%% o% the internet, )hich ma&e it har& to hel$ $eo$le un&erstan& )hat the teacher )ants' An e,am$le being math, there are o%ten many )ays to to solve a $roblem, but the teacher )ill al)ays teach it one )ay' 1or a stu&ent that may be con%use& in the sub2ect or struggling, hel$ing them 3your )ay4 o%ten con%uses them more' 8irabelli )as a great e,am$le o% this conce$t )ithin her )aitress 2ob' >ust because someone struggles )ithin a sub2ect &oes not mean they shoul& be 2u&ge&' Everyone has &i%%erent strengths an& )eaknesses, an& as a grou$ )e o%ten kno) things that others &o not' 0e &o not usually rush each other an& have $roblems hel$ing each other )hich is goo& because )e can s$en& time to rea& notes an& un&erstan& the teachers )ay o% teaching lessons' 0hen )e go the the library )e o%ten s$en& %our or more hours, so that o%ten means )e s$en& about three hours on our o)n home)ork an& an hour or so hel$ing' ?asically, the library &iscourse community gave me a un&erstan&ing o% much more then 2ust the library reasoning in general' ?ut, it hel$e& me un&erstan& literacy as a )hole an& )hat a &iscourse community contains' There are many categories )ithin a &iscourse community an&

many as$ects that go into the conce$t as a )hole' There are many )ays o% learning literacy conce$ts, but through a basic community such as a stu&y grou$, an& un&erstan&ing can continually gro)'

0orks #ite& -#ite .ources Ratcli%%, #arson' @ersonal *ntervie)' A Nov' 201 ' -.)ales, >ohn' BThe #once$t o% "iscourse #ommunity'B 0riting about 0riting' - 8irabelli, Eugene' 3!earning to .erve'4 0riting about 0riting'