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Letter from Birmingham Jail Response 1) Letter from Birmingham Jail is a great example of Rogerian argument because MLK

Jr. does not just tell his side of the story. He establishes common ground. He specifically uses the aspect of common ground because he does not just state his thoughts, he takes the other side into consideration. Rogerian argument is best used here because if MLK Jr. just came out and only stated he wanted, they wouldnt look much into it, but the fact that he establishes common ground suites his purpose. 2) Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream is one of the many analogies in this letter. I think he uses this analogy to compare justice to waters and righteousness to an ever-flowing stream. He uses these in a political aspect because he wants, like water, an abundance of justice, and a flowing stream of righteousness. This means he wants righteousness to continue forever. 3) In this letter direct action is a step in a non-violent campaign. The purpose of direct action is for MLK Jr. to take action himself, just as he did. 4) The way MLK Jr uses all the sites and quotes of philosophers implies that he is a well-educated man. I think this kind of language did have an effect. It showed the clergy man that he knew what he was talking about. I think it appealed to the clergyman because they all knew of the philosophers MLK Jr quoted and it probably made them respect him more. 5) The king makes two confessions in his letter. They are 1. He is disappointed with the white moderate 2. He agrees with the goals they seek but not their methods. I think he calls these confessions to draw more attention to the subjects he confessed.