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1/22/2014 To my boss: Hello sir, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but I will not be to come into work

today due to an illness. Rhiannon W.

To my friend: Hey, girl. I woke up this morning with a fever so I don't think I'll be able to hang out today. Sorry. Raincheck? -Rhi

Reflection: I decided to include this because I want my reader to see the difference between the two styles and know that, before ENC1102, I would talk like Im speaking to a friend, but write like Im writing to my boss. In most of the papers that Ive done for school in the past few years, I have written them formally. Perhaps now the reader will be able to see how my writing style has changed so much since the beginning of the semester.

2/28/2014 I think I want to have the conversation of my dialogue at the College of Music or some other one. I figured perhaps a student could be doing a dissertation for their doctorate or something. Im not entirely sure what musicians have to do to get their PhD but I need to find

out. Also, since my sources contradict each other, I could use the sources that believe the Mozart effect is false as the committee members that evaluate dissertations. They could argue and try to find flaws in the students dissertation while they defend it.

Reflection: I wrote this entry near the end of the second month of this semester. I began writing in my daybook more formally, but as time went on, I started to treat it like my diary. The thoughts and sentences running through my head found a special place in this daybook. Writing in here helped me plan for my dialogue because it kept me in the casual, informal mind-set.

3/26/2014 I absolutely, positively hate writing introductions. I always have the hardest time putting the words together. My biggest problem with the writing the introduction is incorporating my thesis into it. I dont want to give everything away, but I dont know how to outline my paper but keep some of the mystery.

Reflection: I decided to include this memo because I wanted to show that my formal writing was nowhere near perfect before I began this class. I wrote this memo before we started talking about things like introduction paragraphs and conclusions, etcetera. I knew one or two ways to write an introduction paragraph and I stuck with them. Frankly, my intros were all right but never astounding. We then did a Curious Researcher reading and learned many ways on how to write an introduction paragraph.