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Case 1: Teaching English as a Foreign Language Background: You and your small group are members of a consulting firm

that is in direct competition with several other similar firms for a potentially lucrative job developing instructional materials for the Education Ministry of Columbia. There is a great need within Columbia for lessons that help their K-12 students effectively learn English. Before awarding the contract to develop their full English curriculum, the Education Ministry wants to review sample lesson plans from each of the competing firms in order to make their decision on who should be awarded the contract. It is your job to work with your assigned group members and develop a successful lesson plan. The following is a description of the requirements and timeline for this work to be completed. Planning: As you discuss the case, make sense of case content, and plan the lesson with your group members, you will select a Web 2.0 tool. For this case, your group may choose a Web 2.0 tool from the following list: Evernote (, Google Docs (, or Wikispaces ( To help you make your selection, visit Blackboard where you can find short videos that provide an overview of each tool. You and your group may use this tool in any manner that is helpful while planning your lesson and discussing the case. Note: You will be asked to share whatever you create using your selected Web 2.0 tool and answer/reflect on a few questions about your experience with the tool. You can find the questions on page 3 of this document and an electronic version of this document on Blackboard. Product: You will research and design a lesson plan that will focus on teaching a short English lesson (approximately 3045 minutes) to a group of students who have limited English capabilities. Your lesson should include the following elements: a. A description of all key components of a properly constructed lesson plan. Each of these components needs to be fully described (i.e., to the point that someone you do not know will be able to read your lesson plan and be able to successfully implement the lesson in its entirety with the desired results). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Overview of Lesson Description of Learners, Intended Learning Goals, and Lesson Content Learning Objectives Standards Required Materials Procedures Assessment References and Reference Materials


b. A full description of what inspired your lesson including where you found information about the lesson content, technology, and teaching method. Make sure you use proper APA formatting for all references you access and use as a part of your plan. NOTE: This lesson plan needs to be unique (not a copy of someone elses) however, you can use others ideas, techniques, procedures as long as you carefully document where the information was accessed. c. Full APA style references of two different journal articles that discuss research on teaching English as a second language. Each reference should be followed by a brief (one paragraph) description/annotation of the articles content (what each is about and its value). d. On the Project 1 website, a clear, concise (250 word max) well-written blog post that includes thoughts on the following areas: Why do you think your lesson plan was valid, practical, and motivational? Looking at the lesson plan you created, what changes would you make to improve it? What was the biggest "take-away" that you gained by completing this case? e. Your lesson plan should be formatted professionally. To give your lesson plan a polished look, use word-processing options like tables, shading, ClipArt, etc. Learners, Teacher, School: Your lesson plan should be designed with the following in mind: a) The teaching environment: Colegio Fundacin Nueva Granada (550 children between 2 and 16 years of age). b) Location: Bogot, Colombia c) Number of students per class: Approximately 25 d) Grade and age of students: 6th and 7th grades (12-14 year olds) e) Gender: Even distribution of boys and girls f) Students past English experience: 2-3 years of classworkoverall speaking and understanding abilities are low to moderately low. g) Technology level of the school: Low levels (whiteboards in all rooms, Internet access in the room, one instructor station with projector in room). h) Teacher: Sharon Smith (23 year-old female)native English speaker, she is fluent in Spanish. She has been trained in teaching English as a foreign language and has been in Colombia for 3 months. She teaches multiple classes at different grade levels. *NOTE: An important part of this lesson plan needs to be the selection and use of specific technology and how it could be integrated and used to impact the learning of the students within your lesson.


Things to Consider Consider what is important to think about before beginning your lesson-especially as it relates to your learners, objectives, and environment. Consider how the key characteristics of the learners and learning environment can provide you with direction as you design your lesson. Consider what role standards play in your lesson and where you can find appropriate standards for your lesson. Consider where you can receive guidance and gain ideas on the content for your lesson, while at the same time considering how you will determine the validity of these sources. Consider how your objectives will take into account your learners and environment. Consider what role technology can play as you are planning your lesson.


Discussion Group Form

(complete as a group)

Group Members Names: Discussion Record Please provide an overview of what topics your group discussed as you planned your lesson.

How did you decide what topics to discuss as you planned your lesson?

What Web 2.0 tool(s) did you select?

Why did you select this tool?

What was your experience with using this tool? Was it helpful or was it a hindrance? Explain. Would you use it again? Why or why not?

Insert a screen capture (or a link to) of anything you created with your selected Web 2.0 tool.


Lesson Plan Assessment Guide Criteria Topic of Lesson & Learning Goals Can the lesson reasonably be delivered in 30-45 minutes? Is the lesson topic appropriate for the learners, environment, & case requirements? Given the topic, do the lesson goals allow you to adequately cover the topic? Target Audience & Learning Environment Does the audience description address all relevant student characteristics? Does the description of the learning environment address all relevant characteristics? Instructional Objectives Does each objective include the following three elements: Performance? Condition? Criteria? Does each objective correspond to the lesson topic and learning goal(s)? Instructional Procedure Are the lesson procedures described in a logical, straight forward manner that could be followed with relative ease? Does the procedure correspond to the learning outcomes & objectives? Are the instructional procedures doablegiven the class structure and size? given age, abilities, and characteristics? Are students given the opportunity to apply lesson content in a meaningful way? Standards Do the selected standards align with the learning goals and objectives? Motivational Strategies Do motivational techniques align with student attributes and needs? Is an orientation activity used to captures the learners attention/set the tone for the lesson? Are motivational techniques used to maintain attention and enthusiasm throughout the lesson? Evaluation Does the evaluation approach require the same performance as stated in the objective(s)? Does the evaluation approach require the same condition as stated in the objective(s)? Does the evaluation approach measure the criteria as stated in the objective(s)? Is the evaluation approach appropriate for the described lesson and goals? Possible 1 1 1 1 1 Score

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Technology Integration Does the described technology use enhance the lesson outcomes and objectives? Is the described technology use feasible (within the class structure, size, & environment and with learners age/abilities)? Face Value Is the lesson formatted in a professional manner? Blog Post & Group Discussion Form On the Project 1 website, a clear, concise (250 word max) well-written blog post that includes thoughts on the following areas: Why do you think your lesson plan was valid, practical, and motivational? Looking at the lesson plan you created, what changes would you make to improve it? What was the biggest "take-away" that you gained by completing this case? On the Project 1 website, a clear, concise Discussion Group Form is posted with other Case 1 materials. Total Score

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