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Proposal to Create a How to Live Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Manual

Executive Summary
Many people do not live environmentally friendly lifestyles at home, from the food they eat to the
resources they over-consume. People need a manual on how to live this new lifestyle because we are
degrading the environment each day we dont. Currently, people are over consuming certain meats and
fish that over-time will potentially destroy hundreds of ecosystems. This manual can be used to give
people the incentive to change even the smallest portions of their lifestyles to help conserve the
environment. This manual will also help people acknowledge the wear and tear we, as a society, are
causing on the environment even if they dont change their habits.

I can have the rough draft completed by April 12. Since I will be writing the manual myself, the cost for
developmental editing, materials, and supplies will run about $670.00. If the rough draft is successful, I
will have the final draft available on May 5.

Current Problems with the Lifestyles of the Common Person
People today use many resources, such as water or animals for food, far too much. People dont look at
the everlasting effects that over consuming a certain type of animal or over using things like water, have
on the environment. With the over consumption of these things, we can start to potentially see a steady
decline in the amount of these resources that are available. Not only is it proposing a problem for
society but also for the ecosystems in which these resources thrive.

Proposed Solution
The How to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Manual will allocate people with an exceptional guide for living
more eco-friendly lives. This will help to
reduce over consumption of animals and natural resources
help incorporate a more healthy lifestyle
I will be writing the How to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Manual from my personal experience and will
conduct further research with the Environmental Science department at the University of North Texas.
Currently, the How to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle manual will include these sections.

What is a Healthy Amount?
How much water is too much?
Water used inside the home
Water usage for irrigation
I can have the completed How to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Manual within the following month. I will
also have someone who does not live an eco-friendly lifestyle use this manual and have them relay their
feedback to me. You will be receiving the completed manual on May 5.

My Qualifications
I used to live my life just as any other person did, as far as my consumption of resources goes. I since
then have been following my own guidelines on how to live more eco-friendly.

The table displays the estimated cost to produce this manual:

Items Time and Supplies Cost (dollars)
Editing the Manual 10 hours @ $50.00 per hour $500.00
Copying Costs 50 pages @ $0.25 a page $12.50
Cover design $150 for custom design $150.00
Binding Comb black binding $7.50
Total Cost $670.00

I am happy about the chance of pursuing this manual for eco-unfriendly people. This manual will help
provide a better understanding of whats going on in our environment. I look forward to the opportunity
of working with you on this manual.

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