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Philosophy Statement

The safety and the patient experience will be at the forefront of all nursing actions, based on nursing as
well as personal experience.
Based on a personal and very negative experience that I encountered as a patient; I made the life-
altering decision to become a nurse. This experience developed a passion in me that remains today: a
patient is not just a physical body, but one that incorporates the whole being of physical, spiritual,
psychological, familial, philosophical, cultural, and personal experience. The whole of the patient
cannot be ignored. Golden Rule Nursing, that is to treat others as one would like to be treated,
became my mantra and my personal philosophy.
I believe that the role of the nurse educator has unique characteristics that differ from other teaching
roles outside of the nursing community. Each adult student, as unique and diverse from one another as
the patients are, must not only learn to understand the complex science of the human body; but more
importantly, the student must gain insight and master the art of nursing, which encompasses a holistic
approach of caring, compassion, and empathy. The students goal becomes learning to think critically to
combine both science and art, and to use this unique knowledge as they care for their patients.
My philosophy to teaching is simple: to design and execute a flexible curriculum to meet the learning
needs and styles of the students; to demonstrate respect and reverence for all human life; and to
encourage problem-solving skills while placing the needs of the patient and family at the center of all
they do.