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On your paper, write a 2-3 paragraph summary about what you have learned about
ozone, ozone depletion, ozone destruction and air quality by completing this
assignment. Make sure to use the new vocabulary that you have learned.

There's good and bad ozone. It can cause healthy problems but also prevent us from
it. The types of ozone has it's own way to protect us, depends on where they are. The
higher the level of the ozone the better because it protects us from the UV light of
the sun. The lower it is he bad, because it can give us skin cancer, cell damage, and
lung decease because it affects the air. Chemicals and other pollutants from the man
are affecting the lower ozone layer each time decreasing it resistance.
A bad ozone can affect the air type. In my area the air quality is moderate, yellow.
Green would mean it's good, orange Unhealthy for sensitive groups, red Unhealthy
and purple Very unhealthy. The lower the level of the ozone it's the harmful. Some
source that made up the bad ozone are Gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents.
Cars. The EPA has created treaties in order to proceed the ozone and decrease the
amount of pollution there is.