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About: La-Bella: Store

Established: 2012
Openinlg hour- 10 AM to 8 PM, Loation: Maitide!i "o#ple$, Shop %o:A1& ,'t#
(ello: )8&1&*)081 E-#ail: labellanepal+g#ail,o# -.L:///,labella,o#,np
About: 0"usto#er Satis1ation is our #otto2, 3e gi!e st4lish 5 6ualit4 1ashion in reasonable prie, Please 7oin us on:
About: <La-Bella< 1or 4ou,
Opening hour- 10 AM to 8 PM
A!ailable: "lothing=ladies>,?ents "lothing, (and Bags, Part4 Bo$, Shoes 5 Sandal, @e/eller4, Sun?lassess, Per1u#es,Belt, So9s 5
#ore aessories,
Visit us at:

Company Overview
La-Bella Founded by a true lover couple, The company has opened a retail store commited that it gives stylish and
quality fashion in reasonable price to its customers. La-Bella will open its branches in different places soon. Hope, Customers
loves La-Bella. Customers love can make one of the most extensive vintage clothing and textile collections store in Nepal. Top
design teams utilize La-Bella for their vintage clothing and accessory needs.

The La-Bella has enjoyed a tremendous response since its launch. The collection will sold in more than 20 specialty brand
clothing & accessories in coming future.
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We lunch new fashion in !arket. "#usto!er $atisfaction is our !otto%. We give stylish & &uality fashion in reasonable price.
$ave ti!e save !oney.

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