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CEP Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: Allie Hope King

Level: Advanced Studies Date: February 26, 2!"
Goal 1: Students #ill use a $ini%presentation assign$ent to spea& in 'ront o' class and receive 'eedbac&
(oal 2: Students #ill #or& on spea&ing, listening and reading using the broad the$es o' education and The
Last Lecture.
Objectives: )*n a per'ect #orld+ Students Will Be Able To,
!- .ar$ up in a 'un #ay to get spea&ing and ta&e their $inds o'' presentations-
2- /0plain a process or concept to the class in a presentation style using organi1ational language,
pausing, and stress properly and advantageously-
2- 3se /nglish to re'lect on personal e0perience #hile co$paring and contrasting 3S and other
countries in ter$s o' education-
"- 4ead and understand an article co$paring and contrasting public 5 private education in the 3S-
6- 7articipate in a 89oo& :lub; activity and use the alternative conte0t as a plat'or$ 'or discussion,
vocabulary learning, and sel'%e0pression
6- Have 'un-
Theme: /ducation< The Last Lecture
Aim/Skill/ic!oskill Activit"/P!oce#$!e/Sta%e &nte!action Time
Activity 1: Warm-up
Fun before the presentations
Transition to #2: OK, now that
we hae ha! fun, it is ti"e to
!o our #$N$%presentations.
&ho is e'cite!( &ho fee)s
Pre-stage: T e'p)ains *a"e. One stu!ent wi)) *o at a ti"e,
the+ wi)) ho)! the car! up an! wa), aroun! the roo". Then
the+ wi)) as, each c)ass"ate a +es-no .uestion about the
car! the+ hae. The+ as, 2 roun!s of .uestions "a'i"u"
before their turn is oer.
During-stage: // p)a+ *uessin* *a"e with c)ass"ates. T
writes an+ or*anic ocabu)ar+ up on boar!, "onitors ru)es.
Post-stage: T as,s // what was har! about the *a"e.
T%//, //%//
//%//, //%T, T%
Activity : M!"!-
Transition to #0: NO& that we
hae *otten our presentations
oer with, )et1s "oe on to the
fun stuff22
Pre-#tage: 3eiew:
4. &hat "a,es a presentation !ifferent fro" conersation(
2. &hat "a,es a *oo! presentation(
T reiews the 0 e)e"ents of presentation s,i))s that we
obsere! in 3an!+ 5ausch1s )ecture.
% Or*ani6ationa) Lan*ua*e
% 5ausin*
% /tress
During #tage: // each *ie their three%"inute presentation
that the+ hae prepare! at ho"e. The topic is entire)+ their
choice. The+ are a))owe! notes, but not to rea! out )ou! to
the c)ass. // wi)) stan! in front of the *roup, use white boar!
if the+ want, an! present. T wi)) in!icate three "inutes.
C)ass"ates wi)) fi)) out fee!bac, for"s !urin* presentation
an! in two%"inute fo))ow%up.
After each presentation:
&hat is one thin* +ou )earne! fro" //1s presentation(
&hat is one thin* +ou )i,e!(
5)ease ta,e one "inute to write fee!bac, for // to he)p the"
5 minutes x 9 SS = 45
T%//, //%T
7 #in
Post-#tage: 3eunite an! ta), about !ifficu)ties of !oin*
presentations: preparin*, e'ecutin*. &hat to !o in c)ass to
he)p i"proe. List on boar! strate*ies for presentations.
5)annin* Consi!erin* Au!ience 5racticin*
Activity $: E%ucation in t&e
'#( )ompare an% )ontrast
#pea*ing + ,istening Activity
Dea% Poets #ociety
Transition to #9: NO&, we are
*oin* to )oo, at a rea!in*
fro" the New :or, Ti"es
re*ar!in* the !ifference
between t+pes of e!ucation in
the ;/
Pre-#tage: Thin, bac, to +our hi*h schoo) e'perience. Thin,
about +our teachers, +our c)asses, een what +ou wore to
schoo) eer+ !a+. &hat was +our e!ucation )i,e when +ou
were *rowin* up( <// thin, for 4 "inutes=
During #tage:
// in 5airs
Ta), about what their hi*h schoo) e'perience was )i,e. &as
it a *oo! e!ucation( &h+( 7 #$N;TE/
T%as,s // what their partner1s >/ e!ucation was )i,e.
Notes on boar!.
NO&, thin, about what +ou ,now about e!ucation in the ;/.
Do +ou thin, +our e!ucation was !ifferent *rowin* up in
+our countr+ than it wou)! hae been in the ;/(
<// in pairs a*ain= 7 #$N;TE/
T%as,s // what !ifferences the+ i"a*ine! ha! the+ *rown up
in the ;/.
NO&, $ wi)) p)a+ c)ips fro" two popu)ar "oies about hi*h
schoo) e!ucation. Afterwar!, we wi)) ta), about the".
5)a+ D5/ 2:9?
5)a+ Free!o" &riters 2:2@
Post-#tage: 3eunite. Discuss c)ips.
&hat were the "ain !ifferences between the two e!ucationa)
situations portra+e!(
Di! either *roup of stu!ents see" to hae an a!anta*e(
&hich of the two !o +ou thin, is the "ore co""on
e!ucationa) situation throu*hout the ;/(
4 "in
7 "in
7 "in
//%T, T%//, //%
4@ "in
Activity 8: Pu/9ic versus
Private Artic9e
":T ; <u9y 1=; 44>
A5ub)ic ersus 5riate
Pre-#tage: &hat were the two t+pes of schoo)s in the c)ips(
&hat characteri6es the"(
&e wi)) rea! an ED$TO3$AL C what is this(
During #tage: // rea! the artic)e in!ii!ua))+ an! answer
Post #tage C 3eunite an! !iscuss .uestions.
T%//, //%T
4 "in
//%//, //%T
29 "in
//%T, //%//
7 "in
Activity 8: T&e ,ast ,ecture;
Part !
Pre-stage: T chec,s for rea!in*. /eats $N A C$3CLE.
During #tage: First .uestion, DO $N A C$3CLE. Eer+one
participates. #ETA%A&A3ENE// OF 5A3T$C5AT$ON for
this actiit+.
Discussion .uestions on separate sheet.
En%-#tage: Dau*e ho"ewor, a"ount, too EA/:((
?OMEWO6@ +P, listenin% activit" an# -o!ksheet.
+/T 0$estions 1!om !ea#in% i1 necessa!"2 vocab
!eco!#in% at home
3o$!nal !evie- on#a"44444
?aterials :
!- L/SS@A 7LAA
2- 7resentation 'eedbac& sheets B $a&e 26 copies 02
2- ACT Article and Duestions
"- Last Lecture discussion Duestions
6- @A TH3?9 D4*E/
a- :lips
Anticipated 7roble$s 5 Suggested Solutions: Ti$ingF Technology- *' the clips donGt #or&, verbally
describe the settings o' the t#o $ovies, the students, etc-
:ontingency 7lans )#hat you #ill do i' you 'inish early, etc-+: (ra$$ar chapter on phrasal verbs
7ost%lesson re'lection: 4eading too& a little longer that e0pected 'or 2 students and Last Lecture pro$pted a
ton o' discussion- 4eally, the article could have been eli$inated and the discussion o' the t#o school%
setting clips e0tended- The reading s&ill is covered by the last lecture activity- This L7 needed to be less