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1. Which violate(s) the principle of respect?

I. Teacher A tells her students that what Teacher B taught is wrong.
II. To retaliate, Teacher B advises students not to enroll in Teacher As class.
III. Teacher C secretly gives way to a special favor (e.g. add 2 points to grade) requested by
student A who is vying for honors.
A. II and III
B. I, II and III
C. I and II
D. I and III
2. Which is/are in accordance with the principle of pedagogical competence?
I. Communication of objectives of the course to students
II. Awareness of alternative instruction strategies
III. Selection of appropriate methods of instruction
A. I and III
B. I, II and III
C. III only
D. II and III
3. With a death threat over his head, Teacher D is directed to pass an undeserving student.
Which will a utilitarianist do?
A. Pass the student, why suffer the threat?
B. Dont pass him; live by your principle of justice. You will get reward, if not in this life, in the
C. Pass the student. That will be of use to the student, his parents and you.
D. Dont pass him. You surely will not like someone to give you a death threat in other to pass.
4. Teacher A knows of the illegal activities of a neighbor but keeps quiet in order not to be
involved in any investigation. Which foundational principle of morality does Teacher A fail to
A. The end does not justify the means
B. The end justifies the means
C. Always do what is right
D. Between two evils, do the lesser evil
5. To earn units for promotion, a teacher pays her fee but does not attend class at all. Does
this constitute professional growth?
A. Not immediately but yes after promotion
B. It depends on the school she is enrolled in
C. No, it is simply earning MA units for promotion
D. Yes, just enrolling in an MA program is already professional growth
6. If a teacher asks more higher-order questions, he has to ask more _______ questions.
A. fact
B. close
C. convergent
D. concept
7. Misdemeanor has a ripple effect. This implies that as a classroom manager, a teacher
A. reinforces positive behavior
B. responds to misbehavior promptly
C. is consistent in her classroom management practice
D. count 1 to 10 before she deals with a misbehaving student
8. Based on Edgar Dales Cone of Experience, which activity is farthest from the real thing?
A. Watching demo
B. Attending exhibit
C. Video disc
D. Viewing images
9. The students of Teacher Y scan an electronic encyclopedia, view a film on subject, or look
at related topics at the touch of a button right there in the classroom. Which device/s does
teacher Ys class have?
A. Teaching machines
C. Video disc
D. Videotaped lesson
10. Which is an INAPPROPRIATE way to manage off-task behavior?
A. Redirect a childs attention to task and check his progress to make sure he is continuing
B. Make eye contact to communicate what you wish to communicate
C. Move closer to the child to make him feel your presence
D. Stop your class activity to correct a child who is no longer on task
11. To be an effective classroom manager, a teacher must be friendly but must at the same
time be_________.
A. confident
B. businesslike
C. analytical
D. buddy-buddy
12. Which software is needed when one wants to perform automatic calculations on numerical
A. Database
B. Spreadsheet Program
C. Microsoft Word
D. Microsoft Powerpoint
13. Which of the following questions must be considered in evaluating teacher-made materials?
A. Is the material new?
B. Does the material simulate individualism?
C. Is the material expensive?
D. Is the material appropriate?
14. Kounin claims that with-it-ness is one of the characteristics of an effective classroom
manager. What is one sign of with-it-ness?
A. Giving attention to students who are having difficulty with school work
B. Seeing only a portion of the class but intensively
C. Knowing where instructional materials are kept
D. Aware of whats happening in all parts of the classroom
15. Which of these is one of the ways by which the internet enables people to browse
documents connected by hypertext links?
B. Browser
C. Welcome page
D. World Wide Web
16. Which characteristics must be primary considered as a choice of instructional aids?
A. Stimulate and maintain students interests
B. Suited to the lesson objectives
C. Updated and relevant to Filipino setting
D. New and skillfully made
17. You can exhibit referent power on the first day of school by ________.
A. telling them the importance of good grades
B. giving your students a sense of belongingness and acceptance
C. making them feel you know what you are taking about
D. reminding your students your authority over them again and again
18. I would like to use a model to emphasize particular part. Which of these would be MOST
A. Realia
B. Audio recording
C. Stimulation
D. Mock up
19. What must a teacher do to ensure orderly transitions between activities?
A. Allow time for the students to socialize in between activities
B. Have the materials ready at the start of the activity
C. Assign fewer exercise to fill the allotted time
D. Wait for students who lag behind
20. The task of setting up routine activities for effective classroom management is a task that a
teacher should undertake_________. .
A. as soon as the students have adjusted to their schedules
B. on the very first day of school
C. every day at the start of the session
D. every homeroom day

1. C
2. B
3. C
4. C
5. C
6. D
7. B
8. D
9. A
10. D
11. A
12. B
13. D
14. D
15. B
16. B
17. C
18. D
19. B
20. B