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A for ism (aphorism)

B for my time (Before my time)

C for miles (see for miles)
D for ential (deferential)
E for brick (heave a brick)
F for vescence (effervescence)
G for police (chief of police)
H for teen (Age 14)
I for an I (eye for an eye)
J for oranges (jaffa oranges)
K for teria (cafeteria)
L for leather (Hell for leather)
M for sis (emphasis)
N for cement (enforcement)
O for the garden wall (Over the garden wall)
P for relief (Pee for relief)
Q for tickets (Queue for tickets)
R for loaf (Half a loaf)
S we have no bananas (yes, we have no bananas)
T for two (Tea for two)
U for mism (euphemism)
X for breakfast (Eggs for breakfast
Z for breeze (Zephyr breeze)