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Lesson Topic/Focus: Eye mask

Date: 27/11/12
VELS Domain(s): The Arts/Science

Grade(s): 3/4
VELS Level: 3
VEL Dimension(s): Creating and making/Science knowledge and
Duration of Lesson: 1 hour

Rationale/Standards/Learning Outcomes:
VELS (The Arts)
Students create a range of art forms that communicate ideas and concepts.
Students select and combine a range of art elements and use a range of skills.

VELS (Science Level 4)
Students identify and explain the connections between systems in the human body and their various

--Can students use paper, pencils and wool to create their eye mask?
--Can the students name the various parts and label them correctly?

Teaching Focus
A. Associate Teacher

B. Personal skill development Create a simple activity for the students to complete individually using
various, simple art mediums.

Background to the learning
A. Teacher
--Mask template
--Information about the eye
--Art activity ideas

B. Pupil
--Prior learning about the eye
--Using their previous knowledge of art to make the mask.

Lesson Resources
-Mask template (one per student)
-Scraps of coloured paper

Content of Lesson
A. Introduction/warm-up
Students settled on floor
What do you know about the eye? How does it work?
Today we are going to learn about some of the parts of the eye by doing a simple art activity.

B. Focus/Development
Read book with information about the eye picture up on board
Show example
Explain process step-by-step
o Colour in eye
o Rip small pieces of paper to cover white part of mask
o Draw eyelashes
o Label eye
o Stick on straw
Have materials ready to hand out

C. Task (differentiation) Consolidation and Practice
Students return to tables and begin working
Teacher roams classroom assisting students

D. Closure
With 10 minutes to go, students pack up and return to the floor with their finished product.
Students asked to show their mask and share with the class.

Early Finishers Extension Activities

The students worked extremely well to complete this activity in one session. They listened to the
instructions and worked independently at their tables. The students asked for assistance when they
needed it.
My instructions were a bit all over the place today I didnt think everything through very well, so I had to
make a few changes as I went.

What would you do next?
I would ensure that I have all the steps carefully planned and worked out in my head before beginning the
activity, that way there is no confusion for myself or the students!
To extend the students further, I would make a bigger template (not necessarily to be a mask) and label
more parts of the eye.