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Find and show examples of the Following:

1. Handbills

2. Newspapers

3. Political propaganda

Find one example of Dutch printed matter of this period
John the Baptist in the wilderness 1648
Research the Rococo style
The Rococo Style
The Rococo art style was very important in 18th century France and reached into every
microbe of their daily lives whether it be, graphic arts, furniture, architecture, interior
decorating, fashion, art. The rococo period corresponded roughly to the reign (1715-74)
of King Louis XV of France. Its exact origins are obscure, but it appears to have begun
with the work of the French designer Pierre Lepautre, who introduced arabesques and
curves into the interior architecture of the royal residence at Marly, and with the
paintings of Jean-Antoine Watteau, whose delicate, color-drenched canvases of lords
and ladies in idyllic surroundings broke with the heroic Louis XIV style. The term rococo
comes from the French rocaille, "rock-work," and hallmarks of the full-fledged style are
architectural decoration based on arabesques, shells, elaborate curves, and
asymmetry; iridescent pastel colors; and, in painting, light-hearted rather than weighty
subject matter.

Show examples of the following from this period
1. Graphic arts

2. Painting

3. Fashion

4. Architecture

5. Furniture design.

6. Find at least 2 examples of 20
century design influenced
by Rococo

Find at least three illustrations/pamphlets/handbills from the French

Illustration Handbill Pamphlet
Is the Cartesian grid used in Graphic design today?
Yes the Cartesian grid is used in Graphic Design.

Give one example.

The Illuminated printing of William Blake.
William Blake, (1757-1827) was an artist, poet and visionary. His integrated letterforms and
hand coloured prints influenced 19
century Romanticism, expressionism, Art Noveau and
abstract art.
Find one example of Blakes illustrated poems.