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SBC Lcarning Erglirh

Words in thc News
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J*nuary 2007
Dlscussion ohr:ascs to crrt
I really don't agree with you about that
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You could berigtt, ht...
Eqcree me, could t
say sorndhing at this poinf?
Thds m rmacceptable trgumilt, because--.
I agree whyou whoteheartedly.
CsU you explain ttrat point please?
CorH you just
rpcd tha please?
I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch
Thd's a vcry good argumfi.
Yes, b have you ought about...?
Doouhave arry evidee to hck thatup?
Somy to bnttin, but could t
sry sometbing brrld!
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