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Tour of CSC SWOT (please type the report)

Date of Tour___March 20_______

Name of Student Alec Grieselding
Name of tour guide: Jon Brubacher

1. What is your job title and how long have you been working for Miami?
Director of Procurement and Food Purchasing and has been working at Miami for 15 years (13 with this

2. What is the favorite part of your job?
The many different aspects of his job and the unique college food program Miami has.

3. What is the least favorite part of your job?
The struggle of trying to get the best quality food for the cheapest price, budget wise.

Number of
Items in
Est. Cost of
the food?
Who sets
up the food
How can a student
apply to work here?
What is
the rate of
pay for
About 5000 About
Brubacher $8.25-9.25
per hour
How do the dining halls order the food? What is the process?
1. Two days before the food is needed, the dining hall places an order of the food through the Cbord system.
(Specific Menus)
2. The Culinary Support Center confirms and places the order (Cbord). Depends on day of the week and forecast.
3. All the items are prepared and loaded onto trucks and or stored in the proper setting.
4. The food is then delivered to each dining hall.
Who does the
hiring for the
Through specific
managers of
certain areas of the
How many hours a day
are considered full time?
40 Hours
How many full time
employees on staff?
58 employees
How many Part-time staff?
180 (student workers)
What is a prime vendor?
A single vendor contract to receive the essential products. Supplies about 80% of the inventory.
Name a few.
U.S Foods is the main vendor. (Castillini, Presto..)

External Threats: What/who is the Competition?
The external threats consist of any restaurant or food supplier off campus, as well as the effects of the economy.
The economy can result higher food prices and salaries of the workers of CSC.
External Opportunities: Future Trends?
The future trends would be the advancements of technology and equipment in the CSC and the continuance of
being a self-operated college food supplier.
What changes would you make to the operation?
The Miami University CSC is very well designed and operated, but one thing I notice on campus is the healthy food
options. They have expanded, but I feel as though there are still locations that lack this option. The operation
should come up with a cost efficient plan to spread more diverse health food options on campus without having to
take a chunk out the students money.
What are some industry professional organizations dealing with college food service?
NACUFS (National Association of College and University Food Services)
USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

How often is establishment inspected and by what agency?
About twice a year by the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture).

Internal Strengths: such as quality of food, skill level of employees, work hours
The quality of the food is a strength of the food service on campus. The food all around campus has had positive
reviews and has been prepared to a good quality and a good variety. Along with this, the chefs at Miami do a
superb job of preparing the food and making sure there is no under or over cooked items.

Internal Weaknesses: policies, labor, quality of food, strategic planning
An internal weakness I noticed is the skill level of some of the employees. I have experienced employees that are not
fully trained and act as though they dont know anymore about their job than I do. I feel as though the employees
need to receive an initial effective training to properly prepare them for their work. Another weakness I noticed
was the working hours of some of the employees, particularly those in the bakery who have hours proceeding
through the night. I believe this time of work may affect the employees performance and could be better
What three things did you learn from this tour? Please answer using complete sentences.
1. One thing I learned during this tour was that Miami was a self-operating food supplier for our campus. I did not
know that much of the food is assembled, baked, stored and/or produced on our very own campus. For example I
did not realize the fruit was cut and diced and washed within our facilities along with sandwiches that are
assembled rather than prepackaged elsewhere.
2. Another interesting feature of the CSC I learned was about the testing room. This room was created in order for
the new food items to be tested and to determine whether or not they should be placed on the menu at the various
dining halls. In particular, over the summer there was a lot of testing done for the newly opened maple street
diners. Many foods had to be tested and remade and retested in order to make a well-structured menu for the
3. Lastly, I learned about various items that I did not realize were made from scratch in our CSC center. For
example all the dough that is used is fresh made dough and not frozen. Also many dressing and salsa are made
from scratch within the CSC facilities. Along with this, all the soups are made from scratch with a specific recipe
(except Campbells Tomato Soup), packed into a large bag and cooled, shipped to the designated location, reheated
and ready to be served.