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A2: ASSESSMENT - W/B 9th November

Art Video


You will have approximately 5 hours in which to complete a full edit -

with titles and sound of your Unit 3 Project: Art and the Moving
You will also need to export your finished film as a high quality
QuickTime file.

The mock exam will give you a feel for the exam you will be taking
next year, whilst also allowing you a concentrated period in which to
focus on your practical project. Below is a guide as to how to approach
the sessions.

Session 1: Mon 2.15 – 3.30

 Set up your workspace correctly for Pal DV or PAL DV anamorphic

(depending on whether you have shot in widescreen).
 Organise your workspace, saving and labeling all your folders: Unit 3
 Log and capture your footage.
 Pre-planning – You should write out a rough plan or diagram of how
you are going to approach the editing of your project.
 First Edit - Organise your footage into a rough structure.

Session 2: Tue 3.30 – 5.30

 Watch through your first edit.

 Watch through and edit to create a logical and interesting structure.
 Watch through and edit whilst thinking about the pacing or rhythm of
your cuts. (Does the rhythm need to change or is it constant? Are shots
too long/too short?)
 Watch through and add any necessary joins (Fades/dissolves).
 Watch through and add any effects.
 Watch through and check contrast and colours (Is it too bright/dark?
Do I need to enhance any colours?)

Session 3: Fri 9.00 – 11.00

 Watch through your edit again and make any necessary changes.
 Add any sound effects (Freesound) or music.
 Mix and balance your audio tracks.
 Add any audio transitions between cuts (Effects – audio transitions-
cross fade).
 Add titles/text.
 Watch through one more time.
 Export.