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Concession & Deviation Report

Date :
Part Name:- Part no. / Rev:-
Details of Concession/Deviation Reason for Concession/Deviation
Quantity in nos.
Originating Department:
Approve !y:-
QA Remar"s:-
Date: Department:- Head - QA
#$%at furt%er corrective actions to &e ta"en'
Corrective Actions By Whom Due Date
# (O &e fille &y Originating Department
(o &e circulate to )(ic" *%erever applica&le+
Customer Vendor Quality Machine Shop a!rication Cuttin" ##C $ri"inator
Planne Date of ,ffectivity: Actual Date of ,ffectivity:
Si.Nos. Si.Nos.
Signature of Originating ept. *it% ate: Signature of Quality ept. *it% ate:
Complete C-D Report to &e sent &ac" to Quality for recor maintenance an Corrective actions follo* up.
%ndia Metal $ne #late #rocessin" #vt& 'td&
.ormat No: /0OP/QA/./12