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Aimee Paladino aimeepaladino@yahoo.


Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science Graduate: December 2012
Texas State University, San Marcos GPA: 3.14
Major: Nutrition and Food Science Dietetics

SUPERVISED PRACTICE Expected Completion: May 2014
ARAMARK Dietetic Internship Christus Santa Rosa
Clinical nutrition rotation with focus on gastrointestinal, cardiopulmonary, diabetes, renal,
oncology, HIV, and complex cases including pediatrics.
Community nutrition rotation with emphasis on pediatrics with renal disease, cystic fibrosis,
diabetes, overweight/obese, high risk patients, metabolic disorders, and gastrointestinal
Management nutrition rotation with emphasis in production, retail, and patient services.
Elective rotation at the Bariatric Weight Loss Institute at Westover Hills

Texas State University Graduate Assistant January 2013-May 2013
Instructed a weekly introduction to nutrition lab
Educated students in the learning and understanding of food and nutrients
Gained a broader understanding of the importance of education and nutrition
Enhanced personal ability to demonstrate and educate nutritional topics

Christus Santa Rosa Childrens Hospital April 2014
Teddy Bear Clinic
Assisted RD in participating in the nutrition station
Included: Preparing fruit plate designs and playing games with children.

Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills March & May 2014
Bariatric Clinic
Assisted RD in nutrition education and associated projects related to bariatric meal plans
Assisted RD in preparing Bariatric Support Group materials, including presentation

Christus St. Elizabeth June 2012
Diabetes Education, Student Intern
Assisted certified diabetes educator during diabetic patient counseling in nutrition education
Improved interpersonal communication with patients
Increased understanding of the depths of patient counseling

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics May 2012-Present
South Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics July 2013-Present

Katherine Flanagan, MS, RD, LD
Susan Becker-Ludwig, RD, LD, CDE
Susan Ratcliff, RN, CDE
Sandy Roberts, MS, RD, LD
Bethany Green, MS, RD, LD
Karen Brasfield, MS, RD, LD