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Lesson Plan Template 2

9.1.5.A: Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts
and humanities. 9.1.5.C: Know and use fundamental vocabulary within each of the arts
forms.9.2.5.A: !plain the historical" cultural and social conte!t of an individual work in the arts.
THEME: #istory of dance$music
LESSON TOPIC: %tyles of dance$music
(he student will discover the historical back'round and stylistic aspects of each dance.
(he student will create a venn dia'ram comparin' and contrastin' disco and country
(he student will e!plain the different aspects of each dance.
(he student will demonstrate her comprehension of both dances throu'h live performance.
(he student will discover information about how history and era influences dance usin' the
fact sheets provided.
LEARNING STRATEGIES: 1. #ands)on activity *performin' dances+. 2. ,elatitin' content to
student-s interests. .. %hare personal e!perience *ask if have ever performed certain dances+. /.
0ulti)media *videos+.
KEY VOCABULARY: Alle'ro" Conta'ion" Choreo'raphy" #ook
MATERIALS: 1ideo of disco dancin'" video of country dancin'" fact sheet" paper" blackboard"
(Building background)
1. Ask about her e!perience with dance and the types of dances she has practiced and
2. Ask if she has come across key vocabulary words in her dance e!perience
.. Ask if she performs dances coreo'raphed by others or herself.
(Language and content objectives, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction, feedback)
1. 3resent and e!plain the vocabulary words to the student.
2. %how the student the videos: country dancin' and disco dancin'.
.. Ask the student if she noticed any of the vocabulary words bein' performed.
/. 3rovide the student with the fact sheets about both dances.
5. ,eview the fact sheets with the students.
4. %how both videos a'ain.
5. (he student will create a venn dia'ram" comparin' and contrastin' the two types of dance
6. (he student will prepare a short dance showin' similarities and differences
9. (he student will e!plain her dance usin' the new vocabulary words

7 2886 3earson ducation" 9nc.

Lesson Plan Template 2

(Meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice and application, feedback)
1. 3ractice the dance
2. Applyin' prior and new knowled'e while performin'
.. Apply new vocabulary in venn dia'ram
(Review objectives and vocabulary, assess learning)
(he student will be asked :uestions about the two types of dances" such as: why is disco dead
while country is still alive;
(he student will research a dance from a different era. %he will write a 1)2 pa'e paper" includin'
the newly learned vocabulary.

*,eproduction of this material is restricted to use with chevarria" 1o't" and %hort" 2886. Making ontent
omprehensible for !nglish Learners" #he $%&'
7 2886 3earson ducation" 9nc.