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Name of the Child: Mica Grace Villaluz

Case Number: 900 Child Number: 022688
Addres: Brgy 853
This is the case of three (3) siblings of Mica Grace Villaluz ChildFund program
participant who was brought to the nearby hospital due to the diarrhea.

Last October 9 2009, the three siblings of Mica Grace, (Moulyn 2 years old, Henry 5
years old, and Eugene 7 years old) were brought to the nearby hospital, According to the
mother, Since October 3, 2009 when her three children were not in good condition. They
are all experience vomiting and diarrhea, the mother gave them fist aid and observes
them, until October 9, 2009 when the condition of their children still in not condition,
they decided to bring their children at the nearby hospital and the doctor’s finding was
they are suffering form “AGE, MODERATE DEHYDRATION” due to the vomiting and
diarrhea wherein the children got this from the dirty water due to the “Typhoon Ondoy”

The family derives in the meager income of the father working as a painter, and he earns
Php. 5,000 per month. Having five children, their income is not enough to sustain the
needs of the family especially for the emergencies purposes. The income of the family is
enough only for their daily needs such as foods and also for the allowances of their child
whoa are studying. The family doesn’t have a sufficient income to avail all the medical
expenses of their. The income of the family is enough for their daily needs. The couple
seeks assistance form the government and also from their relatives but still it not enough,
they also borrow from their neighbor.

As per assessment, I herby recommend the family to avail the medical assistance from
the Community Partner Organization, The family can avail 25% of their medical

Prepared by:

Ms. Mae Jcnym Meridian O. Estacio

Social Worker in Charges

Noted by:

Mrs. Melita G. Marquez