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Families and Children for Empowerment and Development Foundation, Inc.

Case Summary

Name of CCF Child : Monica Lerio

Grade : First Year High School Age: 13
Case No. :414 Child Number: 014294
Brgy. : 853
Monica Lerio is one of the ChildFund Philippines assisted child. She is presently
enrolled as First Year High School in a public school nearby their village. She is doing
her best to gain good grades and to finish her study. Her regular attendance made her
maintain good academic performance.

Mr. and Mrs. Lerio are blessed to have 3 children where all of them is in school. To
support their needs, the father is working as mechanics and she earns Php. 3000 per
month. It is very hard for the family to support their basic needs considering that other
children are in school and the high cost of living. Their eagerness to send their children in
school was seen to them for their better future.

The mother has average participation in attending Project’s activities like general
assembly meeting and values session.

This school year, Monica Lerio was enrolled in high School; she was allotted a budget for
her meals and transpo needs worth P930.00. She already spent the P340 during the start
of the school year. She has a remaining budget worth P590.00 which she can avail thru
transportation and meal reimbursement during the year.

With this, the family would like to request for financial assistance thru transportation
reimbursement worth P590.00 for. The undersigned would like to recommend for such

Family’s status on socialized assistance for this FY.

Category & points Earned points

Economic 40 40
Academic performance 30 20 80
Participation 30 20
total 80=P1700.00 P770 for school

Prepared by: Checked by:

Mae Jcnym Meridian O. Estacio RSW Melita Marquez, RSW

Community Mobilizer Community Mobilizer- Educ. Coor